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My Rating System

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Hello there! This is sort of an introductory guide to my rating system.  I usually read what picks my fancy regardless of genre, and what I like to do is break it down in categories like: characters, plot, word building, writing style, steaminess, and sometimes even cover value (there are some really bad covers out there people 🙂  It makes it easier for me to figure out what I enjoyed most of the story and then do a general review, at least most of the times it works 🙂

Once again I mean no offense with my opinions.

So, here it goes, my old school 5 stars rating 😉

  1. Did not like it (I might have even DNF the book)

   2. Meh! (Barely read it through, lots of things I dislike)

  3. Good. (I Like it and enjoyed reading it)

stars 4. Great. (It’s a reread, gushy worthy story)

 5. New Favorite (Words can’t describe the love)

As always

Happy Reading



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