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Scarred Souls Series by Tillie Cole – Series Review

IMG_scarred souls2.jpgScarred Souls Series

By Tillie Cole

New Adult Dark Romance
  • Raze (Book 1)
  • Reap (Book 2)
  • Ravage (Book 3)
  • Riot (Book 4)

“To take back life, one must first face death”

starsMy Review

Okay, first of all let me say that this is not for everyone, it’s a very dark story line with some trigger warnings, slavery, torture, violence, drugs. It’s certainly an adult read.

Ms. Tillie Cole is one of my go to authors, she can write such different genres from a breaking out in sobs kind of story to something dark and mind screwing like this. She makes you love characters that are damaged, that are cold blooded killers, that you even hated at some point.. Yep! it’s a complete mind fuckery, but a really enjoyable one. 😀

This was a 4 star series for me, it has everything to grab your attention and don’t let it go. There’s Mafia, MMA death matches, evil conspiracy, redeeming type of romance, and lots of steamy sex. Of course I enjoyed some books more than others, the second Reap being my favorite of the four but the overall theme of the series is what hooked me.

The premise of being able to stripped a person of everything, his past, identity, morals, getting to the point of creating an animalistic killing machine, a ruthless assassin. And then trying to bring back some humanity from these men, to love them, to teach them how to cope with a world that they would never be really a part of. That is this series in a nutshell. Trying to redeem what you never thought could be redeemable, making you sympathetic to the killer’s side of the story, rooting for them to get heir happy endings.

On a side note, this series sort of reminded me of the Jet Li’s movie Danny the Dog only much, much darker.

So if you have a strong heart and enjoy an occasional dark read pick this up.

Happy Reading


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