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It’s A Reader’s Thing (part 1)

It's a Reader's Thing

Common Situations only a Bookworm Would Understand

A couple of days ago I came across a survey on Goodreads about a series of problems only bookworms would understand, and suddenly inspiration struck 😉 I wanted to write about some of them and discuss with you guys those things that won’t make sense to anyone else, but another bookaholic like us.

People who aren’t avid readers won’t ever understand the suffering we go through so let’s talk a bit about those pain in the butt bookish issues

  • Interruptions
Stop Reading and play with me

Yep! They can annoy even the most patient person. You are sitting relaxed and getting into the best part of the story when suddenly everyone, and I do mean everyone wants to talk to you even that long lost relative that you haven’t seen since you were a baby, even your cat conspires to get your attention. Why? Why must this happen? Of course my little kitty is so cute that I can’t say no to her. 🙂 Who would?


  • Not Enough Book Shelve Space

8564044202bc9d742b66e095802909f6I guess that in my case could be not enough data space I’m an e-book hoarder 😉 it’s so hard, you just can’t help yourself the books tell you to take them home with you and who cares if your house is literally being swallowed whole by how many books you have, there’s never enough books its sacrilegious to even think that?

We just keep purchasing more and more books, with any excuse available. Our budget may suffer but we don’t care because that rush we feel when we one click a book, it’s the best 😉

  • Mismatched Covers and Editions

Personally, this doesn’t really bother me but I do understand the pain and struggle to try to get the matching series collection of your favorite books after all who doesn’t wish to have their own beauty and the beast like library..? filled with all those pretty matching book covers and special editions that we buy over and over. Yes, let’s face it some of us buy the same book twice or three times just to try and find that edition that matches the ones in our shelves.

These are just a couple of the things that affect us bookworms, we’ll continue chatting about some other bookish problems in upcoming posts because the struggle is real people 🙂

If you have some other bookish problems and would like to discuss them let me know in the comments and we’ll ramble on about them soon.



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