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The Never Ending TBR – It’s a Reader’s Thing (part 2)

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Common Situations only a Bookworm would understand

Continuing on with our previous discussion we have today:

  • The Never Ending TBR

Every book lover has one, it’s big, long, intimidating even frustrating at times, yep it’s none other than our TBR list.

We know that there’s no chance whatsoever that we’ll be able to read all the books on our list and yet we keep adding new ones.Overflowing-Bookcases

It’s an addiction that we don’t want to be cured of. We read a fun review, we add the book, we see a gorgeous cover and we have to get the book, there’s some hype surrounding a book we have to find out what that’s about so, we add the book. It’s a never ending cycle.

We try to put some order into this chaos (please stop laughing I did say try) and maybe split the list into months, or genres, release year, even authors. But the truth is there’s no use. For every book we read at least we’ll be adding two more to the TBR pile and we can’t help ourselves, it’s just the way it is.

So, it’s best to let the stress go, and accept that even if we get to be 150 we’ll never read all the books on the TBR, we just have to embrace it and make the most of it. It is the life of the bookworm after all.

Closely related to our TBR is our next bookish issue

  • What to read next?

A constant dilemma, so many books to choose from, and yet we cannot for the life of us pick what to read next. Should I pick up the new fantasy or should I finish that series that I’m in the middle of. Maybe I should pick a comedy or some horror. To choose and what to choose? That is the question for us bookworms.

  • Waiting on Books
Release Date? Who knows?

This is one of the worst in my opinion, right alongside with the reading slump (which is coming up next in this series of posts) You loved the first book in a trilogy, duology or whatever, or the final book in the story you’ve followed forever is finally coming out… Don’t panic …Wait for it, until next year, or maybe two years from now, or (yes I’m talking about you George R. R. Martin) Who knows when?

It gets exponentially worst if the book ends in a cliff hanger. I know authors are mere humans and not machines but sometimes the wait is ridiculous (yes I’m talking about you again George R. R. Martin).

If you have different bookish problems to suggest let me know in the comments. Until next time.



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