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Courts of Prythian Book Tag (original book tag)

Courts of Prythian Book Tag

After I finished  A Court of Wings and Ruin I started to think of ways to avoid the book hangover that I knew was coming, so, I decided to try and create a Prythian inspired book tag. Book tags are always fun, and it’s an easy way to get to know the different tastes and opinions of fellow readers, so I hope you guys enjoy my first  original book tag and feel free to do it yourself and tag whoever you like. (I’m still learning how to tag people so, if you have any pointers let me know 😉 I appreciate the help)

Like I mentioned before, this tag it’s inspired on the Seven Courts of Prythian and their High Lords and Lady, and in all the information we have on them through out the books.

Seasonal Courts

Spring Court – High Lord Tamlin

Beautiful everlasting spring but with a bit of a dark side, much like its high lord, who you might have loved when the series started and rooted for him and Feyre but now you feel completely different.

  • Name a book or series that you started loving and ended up hating.


The Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris  back when I was reading mostly paranormal. I truly enjoyed the first few books on this series, but as it started to become so long the books lost their appeal for me. It’s not really that I hate them, they’re not that interesting anymore.

Summer Court – High Lord Tarquin

A court that wants equality for all fae and it’s working on achieving that. A place that receives everyone.

  • Name a book or series with the most diverse characters that you’ve read.

six of crows.jpg

Six of Crows Duology, this is the most recent one that I can think of that really has a plethora of ethnicity, and some diverse sexual orientation. It’s also a terrific book.

Autumn Court – High Lord Beron

Filled with conflict and power struggles under the rule of ruthless High Lord. Most likely where we will be going on the next books in the series.

  • Name a book or series that you could not put down because you had to know what happened next.


Push by Claire Wallis. This book is cringe worthy but you can’t put it down. I was like WTF? How can you fall for this guy? through out the whole book and that cliffhanger.. It killed me.

Winter Court – High Lord Kallias

A beautiful and cold landscape and very hard to read people.

  • Name a book or series that you picked up because of its cover but it ended up being hard to read.

ever the hunted.jpg

Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill, It’s the firs DNF of the year. It’s a beautiful an simplistic cover but the story was a bit bland to me.

Solar Courts

Dawn Court – High Lord Thesan

Healing and inventions are the core of this court.

  • Name a book that completely lighten your mood right after you read it.

Royally matched instagram.jpg

Royally Matched by Emma Chase, It was exactly what I need it at the time that I read it, light, fun without too much complication and with a lovely love story.

Day Court – High Lord Helion

The Court of light and knowledge.

  • Name a book that you found to be the most inspiring.



The Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, It’s such an amazing book and I loved it, so much meaning hidden within it.

Night Court – High Lord Rhysand, High Lady Feyre

It’s two sub Courts, a perfect example of the dual nature of everything

Court of Nightmares

Just as the names states a court filled with monsters and evil intent.

  • Name a book, series, or character that you hate with a passion.

Not really a book, I don’t really hate books more like strongly dislike and usually I tend to be quite tolerant, but there’s an archetype of character that I do Hate and it’s the TSTL (too stupid to live) damsel in distress. I can’t not stand this person that is unable to stand up for herself and not just for some parts of the book but for the whole entire thing.

Court of Dreams

The Utopic Court, where we all would want to live.

  • Name your favorite read of the year, that book that blended everything you were looking for.

Foto 6-1-07 1 26 44 a.m.

A Court of Wings and Ruin it’s the obvious answer, at least so far. We still have time to see if that changes but yes, this book had a bit of everything that I wanted to read and it was a very good conclusion to a chapter of the series.

That’s it for my book tag, I hope you enjoy it and tag everyone.

Okay I’ll give it a try to this tagging thing so I’m tagging


As Always

Happy Reading



13 thoughts on “Courts of Prythian Book Tag (original book tag)

  1. Ah, thanks so much for tagging me! This seems like so much fun (even though I have yet to finish ACOWAR oops), and I can’t wait to do it sometime! 😄


  2. Thank you so much for tagging me, chelle. I enjoy all your answers.
    I already have Push and Royally Matched but haven’t read them yet. I almost forgot about Push. Can you believe it? Hehe thanks for reminding me. It’s been on my TBR forever.
    I’m planning to read the Sarah J Maas series this month!!! 😁
    You make me want to try some of the books you mentioned above.


    1. Thanks, I was ACOWAR inspired 😀 Feel free to do the tag if you like. And yes I did loved that series but after so many books it just wasn’t the same. This has happened to me with a few former favorites.


  3. I just love this idea for a tag, and thanks so so much for tagging me. I’ve just finished ACOWAR so I’m pretty much in the perfect mood to get started on this one (I may even move it higher up my tags queue so I can post it quicker!) 😀
    Great answers for this as well. Six of Crows has a lot of diversity in for sure, and it’s a brilliant duology as well, also kind of appropriate featuring ACOWAR in this tag! Still I can see why it is your favourite book! 😀


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