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The Book Hangover – It’s a Reader’s Thing (part 3)

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The Book Hangover and how to deal with it

Have you ever felt unable to get back to your day to day routine after finishing a favorite series or just an awesome book?

You just want to languish in bed reliving every chapter, remembering your favorite dialogue.

You talk about it constantly to anyone who would listen even to those who won’t listen to the point of becoming annoying. It’s just your way of  feeling a little less empty inside.

Let me tell you, you’re in the middle of a book hangover. And what is a book hangover? It’s the traumatic emotional distress caused by the attachment to a favorite book or series. We can’t let it go, we’re still stuck in the story, the characters, the plot twist, the genius of it. We don’t want to leave that world and even the idea of starting a new book it’s abhorrent.

Sadly there’s no magic cure for a book hangover, as with her alcoholic version we just have to push through it. However there are certain tips that I’ve found useful when dealing with my book hangovers and that it would hopefully make your journey easier.

  • Search for content

teen computerThe internet is your ally, you can look for extra content of your favorite books, bonus chapters, fan fiction, fan art that will keep you a bit in touch with the story.

Yo can also get in touch with your more creative side and not only consume fan fiction or edits made by others but try and make one yourself. Try to create book tags based on the world or your favorite characters, that way you’ll stay a bit in touch with the story you love while slowly letting it go.

  • Find kindred spirits

Talk to other fellow readers, find people who enjoyed that particular story as much as you did, try your hand at reviewing, or become member of the groups that are currently discussing your favorite read, it’s easy to do, everything it’s just a click away and sharing the love will ease the hollowness you feel inside

  • Get back on the horse

Reading-FictionI know that this one will be hard but it has to be done. Pick up another book, try it slowly at first don’t be too hard on yourselves if this fails the first few times. Bear in mind you might be comparing your new book with the one that cause the book hangover. Try a different genre, get out of your comfort zone and give yourself the chance to find a new favorite read.

Have you recently gone through a book hangover? What caused it? How did you cope? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Reading






2 thoughts on “The Book Hangover – It’s a Reader’s Thing (part 3)

  1. Haha, I guess I’m lucky because I’ve never had a book hangover? Even if it’s a great book, I can usually move on to another one, but that’s just me! 😂 But I do love talking about books with my friends once I’ve finished them so I can see their reactions to things! 😁


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