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Bookish Tropes why such a love/hate relationship?

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Today I wanted to talk about Tropes what they are and why do we love or hate them so much, at least my take on why. The term Trope by mere definition has a bit of a negative effect – common or overuse theme or device – kind of like cliche right?

But the use of tropes doesn’t necessarily makes the end product bad (be it a movie, a TV series or a book) there’s a lot to build around it (world building, character development, interesting plot)

A trope is simply an effective marketing tool which is why they are so frequently used. Now let’s talk about our bookish tropes.

All genres have them, even if they are more typical in some more than others but why do we love or hate them so much?

In my opinion it has to do with a few key aspects of our preference system. For example:

  • Relatability
Shy girl/Popular guy

A genre we often find filled with tropes is romance, and a very common one used it’s the “insecure girl/popular guy trope” especially in New Adult, Young Adult and some historical. What makes this trope successful stems from the fact that we as readers can easily put ourselves on the shoes of our main character, we like them and we want to be them to some extent, and find the appreciation in the unattainable sort of speak.



  • Social influence

We are built through our experiences and we tend to pick things based on them. for instance, if you’re struggling with some situation in your personal life it’s very possible that you would chose to read a book where the main character toes through a similar situation (this explains a bit the recent success of mental illnesses in Young Adult)

  • Escaping
Fantastic Realms

Ultimately we read to escape reality for a bit, to get away from everyday struggles and tropes make it easier to find different themes that might appeal to you. That might help you live through situations you wouldn’t be caught dead into in real life, like fighting the Zombie apocalypse or being in the middle of a war with fantastic creatures. (which it might be kind of cool, dangerous but cool 😉 )

Enemies to Lovers

In the end it comes down to what we like and what we don’t, and whether you love or hate them tropes are useful and are not going away. So, what are some of your favorite tropes? Mine is the enemies to lovers, it’s an addiction to me and I eat it up like candy 😉  or which ones are you tired of seeing everywhere? Let me know in the comments I’m always curious to know what other favorites tropes might be out there.



As always

Happy reading




3 thoughts on “Bookish Tropes why such a love/hate relationship?

  1. I love friends to lovers and enemies and lovers! They usually are the most developed relationships, which is why I like them! 😂 I do love fantastical elements, though; and I actually don’t hate the lost princess or chosen one trope, even though it seems like everyone hates them! 😄


  2. I actually love a lot of tropes when they’re done well. After all, they’re popular for a reason—and I think you hit the nail on the head with a few of the reasons in this post. There are few tropes that an author can’t get me behind if they really engage me, but of course, it’s sometimes fun to be surprised and see a book go completely against a trope!


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