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It’s a Reader’s Thing (part 4) – The Reading Slump

Foto 6-4-17 9 46 55 p.m.Common situations only a bookworm would understand.

The Reading Slump and How to deal with it.

This is literally a reader’s worst nightmare. You are unable to pick up a book and when you manage to do so, it’s never engaging enough or captivating enough for you to finish it. It ends up being left behind.

In your spare time you don’t even think about reading, you simply don’t want to, it’s no longer a happy place.

A reading slump can last days, maybe months, it’s hard to say exactly. As for what causes it, it may vary from a left over book hangover to simply too much reading (Yes, you read correctly, there is a thing like too much reading) it can burn you out, burn your enjoyment of reading.

But don’t panic, I’m here to help my fellow bookaholics with a few things that have helped me in the past while dealing with a reading slump.


  • Pick a different genre

Get out of you bookish comfort zone and spice up you’re reading. Pick something different enough than what you’re used to reading it might help to clean your palate sort of speak, there for kicking some reading slump butt 😉

  • Talk to fellow readers

Talking is therapeutic in a whole range of situations and this is no exception. sharing what you love about some favorite stories might push you into picking them up for a re-read. At least you might get some recommendations that intrigue you enough to start reading.

  • Re read old favorites

kindle-381242_640This is the one that has work wonders with me. Picking an old favorite helps you remember what you loved about reading. why this book appealed to you in the first place and then without even noticing you’ll be sitting comfortably reading again. Victory!

Have you been in reading slump? what helped you get out of it? let me know all about it in the comments 😉

If you have suggestions about any other hardships that we bookworms go through let me know and we’ll discuss them.

Happy Reading




6 thoughts on “It’s a Reader’s Thing (part 4) – The Reading Slump

  1. Hi! Really nice post, I think most readers will have faced a reading slump… happened to me in the beginning of University, for the first one or two years I only read maybe 3 books… so awful! I normally go back to old favorites, as you said, that go quickly, like a crime novel 🙂 certainly talking to other readers must help… and, as you said, instigates curiosity.


  2. Ugh, right now I’m in a reading slump! And I can’t find the time to read, so there’s that as well! 😭 I’m hoping this summer I’ll finally get back to reading since I have so many e-ARCs to review. 😅


  3. Im there now 😭 I am totally obsessed with Game of Thrones at the mo so I think my need to watch up to the end of season 6 is doing it….im halfway through season 5 so I am nearly there!


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