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My Fantasy Books Recommendations


In real life I don’t usually tell people to read this or that book, maybe because I don’t have that many friends that love reading as much as I do. And also because I’m not always sure that the books that I like will be enjoyed by others as much as me, it always feels a bit weird to try and sell a book plot or to try and get someone to understand why this was so good to you, therefor, my recommendations are few and far between.

This is the beauty of book blogging, here I’m free to recommend and gush about my favorite reads, most will understand what I’m talking about when I refer to certain plot points, characters, world building and such and some of you out there will find my recommendations intriguing or at least helpful to the point of finding a new favorite for yourself or at the very least to get a fun reading experience.

So, here are some of my Fantasy books recommendations

I’m only featuring relatively recent releases, you won’t find The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter here, maybe in a classics post that will come soon (I hope). But for now I’m sticking to my recent reads.


A Court Of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas

It’s no secret that I love this series and if you have been following my blog or my Twitter feed you might have guess that. These books have everything that I love in a fantasy book, great characters, a world you want to lose yourself into, adorable romances. If you haven’t pick this up do it you don’t know what you’re missing.

six of crows

The Six of Crows Duology by Leigh Bardugo

Another amazing read with a kick ass plot, lots of adventure, spectacular set of characters, amazing world building, and a gripping story. Don’t miss out on a great read, and pick this up if you haven’t already.

winners kiss series

The Winner’s Kiss Series by Marie Rutkoski

Political Intrigue and a slow enemies to lovers romance, but if you’re looking for a lot of action these books have some but not too much, and yet the way they are written it keeps you hooked, you have to know what happens next.

a promise of firebreath of fire

The Kingmaker Chronicles by Amanda Bouchet

If you love Greek Mythology and Gods shenanigans this is the story for you, filled with adventure, magic, fantastic monsters, a lot of humour and a great slow burning romance no insta love in sight.


The Traitor’s Kiss by Erin Beaty

Another book filled with spying and political intrigue, a very clever plot and a few twist throughout the story. It doesn’t have such great reviews in Goodreads but I liked it, I found it refreshing and witty and I think it’s worth reading.

shadow reader      sharpest blade      shattered dark

The Shadow Reader Series by Sandy Williams

An oldie but goodie with a kick ass heroine, a rebellion among the Fae world, lots of action. Not to be missed because Fae (I love fantasy about Fae)

rebel of the sandstraitor to the throne

Rebel of the Sands Series by Alwyn Hamilton

I really like the pacing of this book, the unique setting and the overall story. I did have some issues that I discuss on its review but if you like adventure and a middle eastern meets western setting check this out.


Throne Of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas

Another great story by Sarah J. Maas filled with plot twist, an ever changing story, and kick ass heroines.

These are a few recommendations if you’re in the mood for some YA Fantasy, there are a bunch of great sounding books and series that I still need to get to so this list might grow a bit in the future.

What are your favorite fantasy books? Have you read these, do you love them or hate them? Do you have some recommendations? Let me know in the comments I’m always curious to find a great read.

As Always

Happy Reading




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