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A Book’s Soundtrack?

book playlistMusic is a very important part of life, it is a form of entertainment and inspiration. It helps us establish an emotional connection with various things. It evokes feelings and memories and most importantly sets a particular mood, whether it’s relaxation, happiness, melancholy.

In the entertainment industry is a key element for sure. After all, Star Wars wouldn’t be Star Wars without John Williams’ soundtrack, right?PACKSHOT-1_Star-Wars_The-Ultimate-Vinyl-Collection_grey-1536x864-938726727105

So, why books would be different? Ever since Stephanie Meyer released he playlist for the twilight saga, a good number of authors have done the same. Roni Loren, Alexandra Braken, Sarah J. Maas to just name a few.

In recent years Spotify has become a playground for authors and readers alike to share their book’s playlist with the world. Some of this playlist have become quite successful.

Personally I’ve always thought that the right song can enhance the experience of reading a certain scene or set the mood for the overall plot. For instance a classic rock song while reading a fleeing scene (Car Chase, Fights)  will help you establish the right mood for it. Just going along for the ride. Or a slow ballad will help you experience a more powerful emotional connection while reading a dramatic scene.

My personal favorite and playlist guru for this is Penelope Douglas. Her book playlists are the perfect addition to her stories. If you pick one of her books and play her recommended songs while reading it, to me it feels like almost watching a movie. Of course I’m sure that it helps me a lot that her musical tastes are very similar to mine.

17060826._SX540_ (1)

However, it is a very delicate balance. Sometimes the kind of music that might work as inspiration for the author doesn’t fit with reader and it might work against and even ruin the enjoyment of the book. Which is why we also have so many Reader’s playlist, because we need to use what sets the tone for each of us.

Like with most bookish subjects it ends up being a matter of preference, what you like and what you don’t, finding that perfect blend between music and story or just avoid it all together.

Do you enjoy reading with music? Do you have a favorite book playlist? let me know in the comments I’m always eager to find good music to go along my favorite book.



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