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Starbound Trilogy by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner – Series Review

IMG_starbound2Starbound Trilogy

by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

sci/fi fantasy young adult
  • This Broken Stars (Book 1)
  • This Shattered World (Book 2)
  • Their Fractured Light (Book 3)

“Three worlds, three love stories, one enemy”


My Review

I’m not usually a Science Fiction reader, but sometimes, you come across an interesting story that calls to you and how can you refuse, right? 😉

This was a very good series, it has action, intrigue, mystery, romance, an almost impossible quest to save the universe, a little bit of everything for everyone.

And even if you can easily read it separately, I would recommend that you do a binge read like I did. It helps with the continuity of the liking plotline, at least it did for me.

Ok, here are my pluses and minuses with each book:

this broken starsThese Broken Stars

This was my favorite, it set everything up beautifully, the relationship between Tarver and lilac was believable and very well paced. There was a lot of mystery you didn’t quite know what was happening around them, the world literally and figuratively speaking came alive. It was a great beginning.

this shattrered worldTheir Shattered World

It was not as good for me, I did enjoyed the world, the rebellion aspect of the story, the inner struggle of how far would you go to fight for hat you think is just. But what I didn’t relate to was Flynn and Jubilee as a couple, I like them fine separately but their romance I didn’t get, it lack interaction for me.

their fractured lightTheir Fractured Lights

I had a similar issue with the couple between Sophia and Gideon but there was so much happening here that it didn’t matter. I liked all the hacker stuff and the over the top escaping plans.. Seeing everyone together all six couples getting ready for the big show down was great, and it keep me wondering how they were going to deal with that situation without losing someone. It was a great read and I certainly recommend it.

Happy Reading



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