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My Paranormal Romance Recommendations


This certainly brings back memories, Paranormal Romance was one Sub Genre I used to devoured. In the past year and a half or so, I’ve moved away from it quite a bit, but I still pick a book or two from time to time.

It was certainly a very popular genre when Twilight came out 12 years ago (Dear God time really flies doesn’t it?) Like most trends its hype started to gradually died out and got to a normal degree. I was reading this type of romances way before Twilight but I don’t begrudge the splurge of releases that came out with it, some good, some bad but it did gave us quite a range to chose from.

In my June TBR I added Scorched by Paula Quinn which is her first Paranormal Romance book and since I’m feeling a bit Nostalgic I decided to share with you guys a few of my favorites in the genre. I hope you like it, and if you haven’t read any of these books or any paranormal I hope you decide to give it a try.

Be aware that these are strictly Paranormal Romances with Adult content for 18 or older, I will add a few YA Paranormal to keep it balanced. Here we go and since this genre involves all kinds of creatures I split the list accordingly:


  • Lords of the Underworld – Gena Showalter

lords of the undrrworld

This series came out in 2008 and already has 13 books so far, It’s about Demons trapped in the body of immortal warriors but this aren’t your typical kind of demons this are more like sins (Rage, Lust, Lies) It’s a companion series each book features a different character but it has an underlining story that you might miss if you skip one.

  • Demonica Series – Larissa Ione


When I picked up this series I thought it was hilarious that it was based in an underground demon hospital but it’s a great series it has lots of action, interesting stories and characters and hot steamy romance.


  • Guild Hunter – Nalini Singh


This is a mix between an ongoing series and a companion one. Some books featured the same couple and others pick up the stories of a few side characters. I freaking love this series I haven’t stopped reading it since it came out, I love the characters, the stories, the romance, the political intrigue it has, everything. It’s about a mix of creatures you do get Vampires, hunters and even a few Zombies but the main focus are Archangels.


  • Dark Hunter Series – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Cazadores Oscuros

I’m not quite sure if I should stuck this one under Vampires because it has so many different characters that range from werewolves to Greek Gods. It’s an entertaining series to read once in a while, some books are certainly better that others but if you read one after the other they do tend to blend together a bit.

  • Midnight Breed – Lara Adrian


This was an interesting take on vampires as Aliens, I enjoy the conflict between the races and the romance is quite good.

  • Black Dagger Brotherhood – J. R. Ward


Another one of my top favorites, It’s a very complex world and I do recommend that you try to read it in order even if it’s a companion series, you might miss something and then you’l get confused if you don’t read them close together.

  • The Deep in Your Veins Series – Suzanne Wright

deep in your veinsdeep in y veins

I remember reading this and loving it but now that I think on it can’t really tell you why, It’s about Vampires in training (I think I might do a re read on this) and it has sort of a New Adult feel to it.

Were Creatures

  • The Phoenix and Mercury Pack Series – Suzanne Wright

feral sins  spiral of need

This are very good books about two different clans of Werewolves and all their relationships with Humans, hunters and each other.

Dragons and Fae

  • Dragon Kin – G. A. Aiken

dragon kin

This is a hilarious tale about dragons that take human form, it’s a Fantasy/ medieval type setting. The characters are so much fun, you laugh out loud while reading.

  • The Fae Chronicles – Amelia Hutchins


This might not appeal to everyone but in my case I did enjoy the back and forth between the main characters and the hot steamy read that these books are.

  • Immortals After Dark – Kresley Cole


I wasn’t quite sure where to put this since it has so many different characters, Demons, Fae, Werewolves, Ghosts, a lot of other things that go bump in the night. It’s action packed and a quite easy and fast read.

YA Paranormal Romance

I have read a few YA in this genre but I’m only adding here the ones that I read and loved and still enjoy from time to time.

  • Dark Elements Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

dark elements

For some people this might come across as a fantasy of sorts but to me it was more of a Paranormal Romance about Gargoyles and Demons.

  • Existence Series – Abbi Glines


Who can pass up a book about Death falling in love?

  • Etherlin Series by Kimberly Frost

all that bleeds      all that falls

Just two books in the series actually, It came out in 2012 and I love it, it’s about Muses and Vampires and angels, a bit of Romeo and Juliet kind of thing.

Well This are a few of my favorite Paranormals, I hope you find some to your liking and if you have any recommendations on this genre let me know in the comments.

As always

Happy Reading






10 thoughts on “My Paranormal Romance Recommendations

  1. I loved the Fae Chronicles….I read them all in 1 weekend and am now eagerly anticpating the next book!

    Im only up to book 5 on BDB and there are defo more I will check out on this post. Thanks 😁

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