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Unending Book Series

Foto 9-4-17 10 17 16 a.m..jpgUnending Book Series

And the series goes on and on and on…

There’s a bittersweet pleasure when a series we love comes to an end. We don’t want it to happen but at the same time it brings closure, it brings completion to the story. My most recent “ending” was of course A Court Of Wings And Ruin, I know it’s not quite an ending to the whole series but just an end to an Arc of it but still. The ending is a necessity, it hurts us but we need it. However, there are quite a few book series out there that don’t seem to find it that important. These are the unending series.

Genre doesn’t matter, there are paranormal, contemporary, fantasy and so on. What does matter it’s the humongous amount of books they have.

A book series usually fits into two categories, it may be a companion series or an ongoing series.

Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Cazadores Oscuros
Dark Hunters Companion Series more than 25 books

It’s easy to find these unending stories in the companion series because they feature different characters or couples within the same world. So, it makes some sense to think that you can write lots of stories this way but I’ve found that the world building in this case suffers a lot. The stories become repetitive, almost like reading the same book with a few minor changes. Or other times it gets to be so complicated, you meet so many characters and their link to one another through out so many books gets lost, or you just might need charts to keep track of what’s going on with who, and how they relate.

Carpathians Series

A few series that have this issue for me are Christine Feehan’s Carpathian series and Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always loved this series and they have a special place in my heart but in their more recent releases the world has gotten so full of characters and mythology that I have found myself lost with no idea who or what it’s going on.

As for the ongoing series, it’s worse. You can’t (actually you can but shouldn’t) drag a story line forever, adding complications just to justify that it won’t end. This just kills the story, because it ends up being something completely different than what you started with, and it generally deteriorates more and more with every book, it loses that spark that attracted the reader in the first place. This happened to me with the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton, the first few books were good but now it’s nothing more than a sex fest. And I do believe she doesn’t even know how to end the series.

anita blake.jpg
Anita Blake Series

So, even if it kills me to say this we need our series to end, we need that final conclusion, that happily ever after or not so happily in some cases but we  as readers deserve it. I know that it’s the author’s sustenance but I have faith that they all can write different stories and don’t need to prolong something just because it’s easier.

What do think about these unending series? Have you read any? Let me know in the comments.

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