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My Reading System and some tips to help you manage your TBR

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Over the past 8 months I’ve have found a simple but organised way to manage what I’m reading because before it was utter chaos (I’m not kidding, truly, utterly, end of the world, chaos) I had so many books to read and I kept getting more and more and to be honest I would sometimes get back to some of the old ones and found myself thinking “What in God’s earth made me pick this up?”. Or I might scroll down my tablet trying to find what to read next and end up blankly staring at the screen because I couldn’t find anything.

I had books that were cover buys, books that I though were appealing at the time, but after a second thought they didn’t sound that good anymore. Books that have been on my Backlist for over 3 years (I think that’s too long to not have read a book) In the end all I was doing was filling my tablet with books that I might not even read (that’s certainly not a good thing)


So, I decided to try and make some sense of this mess and make a monthly TBR that I will stick to (It helped that I started a bookish bullet journal for tracking my reading and now my blog, big pluses all around 🙂 ) It’s been working out quite well (even if I do get myself side tracked from time to time, it’s not a mandatory thing after all or I would certainly kick it to the curve) I wanted to share it with you guys, I thought it might help those that are in the same boat I was, and maybe I would get a few new pointers to keeping up with my TBR.

  • How much I read

21963da5-7c66-4b00-947a-6bf03e66355eTo try and make a suitable list I needed to find out how many books a month I actually read, and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that I manage to read an average of 13 to 15 books a month ( on what I call good months ). So, I rounded up to 15 books a month for my TBR list. (I like to push myself sometimes so, I tend to add a couple of more books but I know it’s not a realistic goal to go so overboard like with my May TBR of 25 books, I won’t get to them all. It’s crazy but I’m a bit nutty like that, hence my Goodreads challenge of 250 books in which I’m like 19 books behind – What was I thinking? )

Let’s get back on track, point number one how many books you read a month, once you have a number you can start your list.

  • What I Chose to Read

Screenshot_2016-06-02-13-02-20I used to get into these reading stints where I wouldn’t read anything other than Fantasy or Contemporary or whatever I was stuck in at the time. Now what I try to do it’s to give balance to what I read (even though, to be honest, I don’t stray much from my comfort Zone but I do try) I try to add some fantasy, some contemporary, Science fiction, a thriller or two, maybe some historical if I’m in the mood for it. The numbers may vary depending of what I’m into at the time. I’m still trying to work a few series on my lists to keep the flow going.

Where I do stick dutifully to my planned TBR is on New Releases and Backlist books, I add only a 3 or 4 New releases to my TBR and the rest are books that I already own and have own for a while (if it has been on my Tablet for more that 6 months is a huge success for me) Just to try and keep track of what it’s worth reading and keeping and not get drowned in books.

I don’t receive ARCS I’m still not quite sure about them (The commitment scares me) so I don’t have to play catch up with so many new releases and reviews.

  • When and Where to Read

adult-1867751_1920I work as a freelance Translator so most of my work is done from home and I have flexible hours which works great. My reading time is usually early in the mornings or at night before going to sleep (which sometimes doesn’t work as well as I hope because I end up staying so late if the book is good — Bookish Problems and all) On weekends I do try to read a bit more. As for where do I read? Anywhere comfortable, my couch, my bed, it would depend on the degree of distractions that would surround me at that moment.

There you have it, nothing fancy or complicated but it has helped me keep better track of  how much I read, what I read, and when I get to do most of my reading. It has also helped me avoid buying just for the sake of buying and instead I do get to focus more on The books that I will read for certain (better quality books). I hope that my little rambling experience manages to help some of you out there and if you have any other advice on this subject let me know in the comments, I’m looking forward to the feedback.

As Always

Happy Reading




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