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Bookish Terms and Language

Foto 21-4-17 3 30 47 p.m.I’m a language major and a Translator by trade, so I guess you can say that dictionaries are a part of my life. Knowing what something means in one situation or another is an important tool of my line of work. This has always brought to my attention how easily we create our own codes of language to use, specifically in some circles and there for leaving any outsider lost when it comes to what something means.

The book world is no exception to this, we have our own expressions and terms that to a newbie might be confusing (it was to me, and I’m still working on it) So to try and be helpful to any newcomer I decided to make a glossary of sorts with some frequently used bookish terms that I’ve come across, and are commonly use in any book blog (mine included). Here we go.


YA – Young Adult book. Book which especific target is teens with mild or none sexual content.

NA – New Adult book. Book which target ranges from late teens to early thirties. It has more explicit sexual content , drug use and heavier topics.

Adult – Adult books. Heavy sexual content, violence, and a range of heavier topics.

Erotica – Adult book with a focus on heavy sexual content.

Contemporary – Books that take place in current setting.

SF – Science Fiction.

F – Fantasy.

PNR – Paranormal Romance. Supernatural characters and mainly focus on the romantic relationship.

UF – Urban Fantasy

Historical – Book set on a specific time period.


Everyday use

Terms we might find in reviews, comments, V-logs, everywhere bookish really

TBR – To Be Read. Usually part of a never ending list (TBR list)

DNF – Did not finish.

Backlist  – Where books go to die. just kidding it’s the books that spend so much time on the to be read list and keep getting pushed back in favor of new releases.

RTC – Review to come

Binge Read – To read a series of books without pause.

Cliffie – The hateful cliffhangger

POV – Point of view.

MC – Main character

HEA – Happily ever after

TSTL – When a character is just Too Stupid To Live

Feels – An overwhelming wave of emotions that suddenly hits you.

Angst – The anguish of life with hopes of a better outcome.

Smut – A story that includes one or more sex scenes

OTP – One true pairing your perfect book couple.

Bromance – The perfect friendship between male characters.

Ship – Short for relationship, you usually ship someone when you root tor two characters to get together

Book boy/girlfriend – That one character you love.

Insta love/ Insta lust – When two characters fall madly in love after seconds of seeing each other.

Book Tag – A list of questions made by other bloggers or by yourself about book related things.

Buddy read – When two or more people read a book to discuss it.

Bookstagram – Instagram feed that focus on book related themes.

Booktube – You tube channels that focus on book related themes

Trope – A theme often repeated in certain types of books, TV series or Movies.

This list is far from complete, there’s still a lot of work to be done, if you have some bookish terms to add let me know in the comments I’ll updated from time to time until we have our bookish dictionary.

As always

Happy reading



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