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How Much Angst is Too Much?

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Hello Everyone, hope you’re having an amazing day today (Whatever day I decided to schedule this–Yes, the schedule button is my best friend) Anyway, my rambling today has to do with Angsty books.

What is Angst? well, it describes a situation or literary piece which contains dark, depressing, angry, and/or brooding emotions from the participating characters. This according to the Urban Dictionary.


You find certain level of it in almost every type of genre, for instance let’s say The Lord of the Rings that feeling of doom and helplessness you get when you don’t know if anyone will make it or how– that’s angst. In Six of Crows, where we don’t know (SPOILERS AHEAD BE WARNED) what is going to happen with Nina After she takes the drug, that’s angst.

New Adult is an extremely Angsty Genre (At least I have found it to be so) Most of the characters have some dark or traumatic past that keeps them from, or make it hard for them to achieve their goals, to form healthy relationships, etc.. Those sort of complications make up the ground for a lot of angst.

I personally like this kind of books, I like the conflict, the heart break, the struggle to overcome bad situations which is one of the reasons I enjoy reading New Adult so much.

Some that I’ve recently read and come to mind are Brittainy C. Cherry’s Elements Series, Confess by Colleen Hoover, Empires and Kings by A.C. Bextor. I quite liked these books and yes they are full of  drama and hardship, not for a light read at all.


But after reading them I started thinking about how many things can really happen to one person? How many beatings can anyone take before you don’t have the will to get up again? Realistically speaking, How much is too much? How far can you really take a situation or a number of them before it just becomes conflict for the sake of it and ends up damaging the story and the impact that it may have? If you add an unbelievable amount of issues it might become a dark sort of tragic comedy instead of the book it was meant to be. — If that’s what the author was looking for — the tragic comedy — well, great but if it’s not then we have a problem.


I know that as well as with many subjects when it comes to reading, it has to do with personal preference, what you like and the mood you’re in. That’s what happens with me most of the time I need to be in a particular set of mind before picking up an extremely angsty book otherwise I will most likely put it down . I won’t be able to deal with all that I know will be coming our characters way — But I do enjoy some low level of it ( most of the time ) with my usual reading. Not a dragged out conflict or desperate situation but a quick — or normal paced- resolution.

I might even say that this has something to do with cultural background, I’m from Venezuela and we have the “famous” or in some cases the Infamous Telenovelas (Soap Operas of a sort) and these are the embodiment  of conflict merely for the sake of it — sometimes even ridiculous type of drama. I grew up watching them and I guess that influenced me in the type of angst that I enjoy reading about and how realistic I want it to be.

How about you guys? Do you enjoy angsty books? how much it’s too much for you? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “How Much Angst is Too Much?

  1. I don’t read NA, but I do read M/M romance on occasion (and I’ll throw in fanfiction as well lol). I think it definitely depends on how the angst is written – if it makes sense with the characters, then I’m fine with it. But if it’s just because the couple had a problem with miscommunication or it just doesn’t make sense, then I’m not really here for it! 😝

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  2. I really like what you said here: “How far can you really take a situation or a number of them before it just becomes conflict for the sake of it and ends up damaging the story and the impact that it may have?”

    In college, I read “Candide” by Voltaire. It’s basically a satire of all the horrible things that people can go through. It was honestly really disturbing to me and hard to read, but your quote above immediately made me think of that book. Because the characters’ hardships were overdone for the sake of satire, but if that weren’t the case, the things they go through would just be too much. I kept thinking while I was reading it, “Good grief! Enough already!”

    As for reading I do on a daily basis, I like a certain amount of honest, realistic angst. When it’s done effectively, a character’s problems can make the reader feel invested in their story. I don’t read a lot of New Adult, although I should read more. But I agree with you, I do like angst when it’s done well. 🙂

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