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My New Adult Recommendations

new adult recs

This is supposed to be a post about book recommendations but in this particular case I’m going to recommend Authors. Why? because when it comes to New Adult I have found that this little group of Authors write exactly the kind that I love to read about. Their stories are filled with angst, chemistry, humour, and in some cases are quite unusual stories and even a bit darkish.


We have College, end of high school, athletes, rock stars, normal guys, brooding guys you name it. And they are exactly the kind of New Adult books that you can help to eat up as if they were candy.

  • Penelope Douglas – Fall Away Series, The Devil’s Night Series, Punk 57

She’s my queen of New Adult, I’ve read every single one of her books and love them with a passion. She’s an Auto-buy for me, I love how she writes, it so easy for me to imagine what’s happening, almost like seeing a movie instead of reading a book. Her style just clicks for me and she has the most assholish but can’t help but want them male characters that I’ve ever read. Her books are scorching hot which doesn’t hurt and her Enemies to lovers Stories are some of my favorites ever.


corrupt   hideaway.jpg    Punk 57 instagram

  • Elle Kennedy – Off Campus Series

Another great story teller, the thing that I enjoyed most about Elle Kennedy’s books is the banter between the characters, it’s so much fun and so effortless and real. The friendships, the developing relationships, you can’t help but get hook in to them. Also Sports romance at its finest.


  • Samantha Young – On Dublin Street Series

Every day life, unrequited love, friendships, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, and it’s all set in Scotland. I have loved this series since it first came out and have read most of her other books because of it.


  • Mia Sheridan – Signs of Love series

If you are looking for unusual themes, beautiful writing, heartbreaking and emotional stories that will stick with you, pick one of her books. One it’s ever better than the other.

mia sheridan

  • Kylie Scott – Stage Dive Series, Dive Bar Series

Rock Stars at their best but what really stands out for me it’s how much humour these book have, how great the friendships are, their interactions. Fun read all around.


  • Colleen Hoover

She’s the queen of many New Adult Fans out there and I agree, her books are so emotional and so different from one another, her characters and situations are so real that they will hit you square in the feels.


  • Linda Kage – Forbidden Men series

A new find for me, I started reading her book snot too long ago and so far I have loved every single one, It’s college life mixed with unusual situations and a wonderful set of recurring characters. Great friendships and romance development.


This is my list of Most Favorite New Adult Authors, I have a few others but these certainly stand out. I have read them a lot and will surely read anything they write, I hope you enjoyed the list and that you find some new favorites of your own.

What are your favorite New Adult Books? Let me know in the comments, I’m always looking for a good recommendation.

As Always

Happy Reading




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