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Top 5 What Did I Just Read Book List


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As the title implies I’m going to talk about those book that have left an impression in me, it might have been because they had a disturbing plot or they just broke my heart to pieces, in some cases it might be both. So, bear with me while I try to untangle my feelings about these books. Also this little list is not for everyone so be warned if you decide to check any of these books out.


  • Forbidden – Tabitha Suzuma


I’ve mentioned this book quite often in my blog, and it’s because it certainly left an impression when I read it almost a year ago or so. It’s a hard subject, abandonment, neglect and the development of an incestuous relationship. That’s disturbing in itself but what really imprinted on me was how it came to be, you get so into the story that it stops being cringe worthy and you actually root for it, for them to achieve some kind of happiness. I knew it was wrong but I did it and I couldn’t help myself. It’s also one of the books that broke my heart, this is not for everyone I warn you that right now.

  • Push – Claire Wallis

PUSH-Cover   pull

Another disturbing relationship, and I do mean disturbing. The guy is a serial killer after all, and no that’s not the major plot point so I didn’t spoil the book for you. What you will get here is how we can love someone to the point where not even dying matters. This took being a victim to a whole new level.


  • Fear Me – B.B. Reid

broken love

When I read this book I wasn’t sure how to feel about it, I like Enemies to lovers stories but this took it to a whole other level, there’s bullying involved and even some abuse. I couldn’t stop reading the book and I have to say that I read the whole series which changed a bit as it went along, but I digress, I can’t tell you why I like it because it’s upsetting, and deals with hard subjects, and I plainly know that what we see here is wrong and yet I couldn’t stop.

  • A Thousand Boy Kisses – Tillie Cole


This isn’t disturbing, it’s in fact so sweet, so heart breakingly sweet that if you do decide to read this I can assure you that you will be crying for most of it. I did it and I don’t cry with books, it’s very rare when that happens to me. That’s why I still carry this book in my head.

  • Low – Mary Elizabeth


Another one that’s plain heart break, in this case it has to do with how much can a person take before it breaks. Hardship after hardship, and dealing with everyday life as best you can but coming up short. It was very real and when I read it, I was dealing with some issues so it was easy for this type of book to get to me so much. Another one for a good cry.


This was my top five, I have a few others that might fit this criteria but these were the ones that are still on my mind no matter how long ago I read them.

Do you have a similar list? Let me know in the comments what you think of these book if you have read any of them.

As Always

Happy Reading


4 thoughts on “Top 5 What Did I Just Read Book List

  1. The titles you mentioned are definitely intriguing and wow, I salute you for having the courage to read these especially the ones with uber dark and heartbreaking themes. I’m a big chicken but maybe I’ll finally try A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole as I’ve seen it being glorified over and over again.

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