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It’s a Reader’s Thing (Part 5)

It's a Reader's Thing

Us bookworms do have quite a few issues that are very particular to us. I’ve talked about some in the past here on my blog ( The reading Slump, The Book Hangover) and today I decided to talk about three more of these issues that we deal with in our reading life.

The Cover Buy Victim

downloadLet’s be honest, we all have done this. That beautiful cover that just calls to you, you can easily imagine how beautiful is going to look in your shelves. How can you pass it up? It’s just one book and it might be a good read (At least that is what you hope) so, where is the harm?


Let me tell you where– WE LIE, it won’t be just one book, it going to happen over and over and over again, because that pretty covers will suck you in. It wouldn’t be bad if all the books we get for this shallow reason were good but there are quite a few that aren’t, and what it’s worse we won’t ever read them. The number of books in our bookshelves or E-readers becomes a nightmare and yet we will fall in the same cover trap again and again it’s unavoidable.

The Back list

Overflowing-BookcasesIt’s what I called that place where old books go to die (kidding, and yet not really) I’m positive most of us have it. These are the books that get left behind, or keep being pushed back because of a shinny new release we need to get to. I mean those books the we have been planning to read for YEARS. Yes, I did said years. This affects particularly to us book reviewers because we always want to review what’s popular and new.

I’ll encourage you to make an experiment and check how many books you have on your TBR that were added a couple of years back, and how many of those have you read against how many new releases you read. The result might surprise you, it did to me, and was the reasoning for  my new reading system and trying to balance what I read instead of leaving so many books behind. I know it is quite a daunting endeavour but I’ll give it my best shot.

The Sleep Reading Disorder

readI’m very affected by this, it causes me pain, and grief at times but I won’t stop I know I won’t. I’m sure we all have a favorite time to read and I’m also quite sure that for most of us it’s before going to sleep (We live busy lives after all and it’s probably when we can have the time to actually relax and enjoy the book)

The Problem is when that book turns out to be such an amazing book, or it has that kind of intriguing plot that you have to know what happens next. Just a couple of pages, that’s all right? Wrong, in the end we will finish the book and it will be morning, our sleep going out the window and us looking like extras in The Walking Dead. We will be happy, I’m sure (we finish that marvellous book after all) but we certainly won’t look it.

This has been my rambling of bookish problems for today, have you suffered from one of these? or have you managed to avoid them? Let me know in the comments and if you have a suggestion of a topic to discuss feel free to share.

As Always

Happy Reading



4 thoughts on “It’s a Reader’s Thing (Part 5)

  1. This made me laugh – I’m definitely guilty of picking books purely because of their covers! I do have a good read of the blurb to make sure it’s actually something I can see myself reading, but there are a few books that have fallen through the net and probably wouldn’t have been chosen if the covers weren’t so lovely!

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