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Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown – Series Review (Guest Reviewer)

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Once again, I invited (recruited 😀) my friend Rafael to write another review post and he jumped at the opportunity telling me that he wanted to talk about the Red Rising Books, (he has recommended this to me a lot and I have yet to pick them up, I’m so bad but i promise that I will get to them eventually) He really liked this series and wanted to share the why of it…So without further ado here’s the review…


Rafael’s Rating


“I love science fiction!!! I Truly love science fiction!!! It is my favourite media genre!!! When I was a kid, the first book that I bought myself was Misery by Stephen King (Stephen King was king back then). The second book that I bought was Nightfall by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg, and it was “love at first sight”… or maybe love at first read… or whatever… It was a kind of important point in my life since it became what defined me as a reader as well as a person in some points (I have a degree in chemistry after all).

So, when Chelle asked me “Would you like to write anoth..–” I screamed “RED RISING TRILOGY!!!!!” and she was like “uuuuuhhhh ok!” So here we are!!! I’m once again, have been given the opportunity to write about one of my favourite sci-fi novels of the 21th century.

The Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown is great!!! It has a few tropes that I dislike, such as the dystopian future, the teenagy protagonist but you forget about them quickly. I remember telling Chelle about that.

Since Mars has an orbit bigger than Earth, one year in there is equal to a year and a half or maybe two years on Earth, so, to me the characters weren’t really kids!!!

The story is set on Mars, at least most of it is, hence the name “Red Rising”. The plot is about a hierarchical society that is ruled by colours (red, gold, black). Each colour has a specific purpose in society, golden being a kind of monarchy and the reds being the slaves, other colours like green, yellow purple were scientists, engineers and artists.

The protagonist, Darrow, sees his wife killed in front of him by another colour and just like Batman, he decides to embark in a crusade to dethrone society by becoming a golden!!! Think about this book like Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World but with more action.

And that’s the thing!!! These books are quite thrilling!!!! Specially the second one, it had such an amount of action that it tired me out physically!!!

They duelled with these swords that turned into whips (I think it will look really cool if they made it a movie, but never cooler than it looked in my head!!!)

The books are epic, not only because of the action they have, the combats, the interplanetary armada invading other planets, the good and really immersive narrative, but because it also raises the question of what it means to take down a society and what could be the consequences of it, particularly from the perspective of the warrior kind that know only war and think of the golden as gods.

The characters are great, in fact I fell in love with some (Sevro and Pax and Kavax were my favorites) as for the villains… well… they are kind of meh but it doesn’t matter because the real villain in the story is society.

Another thing that I liked about this series is the ending!!! It is really hard to finish a story and give a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction (I might gain some detractors for saying this but I did not like how The Hunger Games ended) and this book has it.

If I have to rate this books (which I do). I give it a four poiiiint seventifiveeeeeeeee???? Rounding the number it gets a five star rating!!! And it certainly deserves it!!! These was my personal 2016 favorite book series of the year!!!!

By the way!!! If you know a really god sci-fi series that you can recommend to me, please do so in the comments! I’m kind of short of sci-fi books to read lately!!! I will really appreciated it!”



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