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My Urban Fantasy Recommendations

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Along with Paranormal Romance this was a genre that I used to read a lot of, I devoured almost every series that got in to my hands (even if later on I decided not to finish one or two) I love it although I’m not reading quite as much as I used to, it has supernatural creatures which was and still is one of the things I enjoy reading about in a contemporary setting..– great right?

It’s often linked with Paranormal Romance because they are very similar in terms of stories and characters (mostly supernatural creatures) but as the name implies Paranormal Romances focuses more on the romance and relationship development than anything else. As for Urban fantasy, it’s more about the story (what’s going on) and the setting (usually a contemporary Urban setting, a popular city, and such) instead of the traditional imaginary setting often found in fantasy books.

I blame my love of this genre on Buffy The Vampire Slayer (I religiously watched that show) Why do I do this? Well, I’m sure you will notice that most of my recommendations had that kind of vibe… Let’s get to the good stuff

  • Night Huntress Series – Jeaniene Frost

night huntress

My favorite Urban Fantasy Series ever, I have read all 7 books in the main series and most of the books in the spin offs ( Night Huntress World and Night Prince) I’m actually anticipating her new release with one of the side characters in the series (Ian’s Story).

This series has one of my favorite couple (Cat And Bones) right along with Feyre and Rhysand, it’s full of adventure, a lot of humour, plot twists all around, scorching hot chemistry and romance, Vampires, ghosts, evil plotting to take over the world. Pick it up you won’t regret it.

  • Chicagoland Vampires Series – Chloe Neill


Another one about Vampires but this one has more about political intrigue within the vampire houses and trying to take over one another, lots of power struggles, a kick ass heroine, great action and some slow developing romance.

  • Women of the Otherworld Series – Kelley Armstrong


Werewolves, witches, supernatural experimentation are just a tiny bit of what this series is about. It has different stories from a few characters every couple of books so no skipping, otherwise you might get confused. A TV series was based on these books recently but as it’s usually the case it wasn’t as good as the books (for me at least, although I did liked the casting it had)

  • The Edge Series – Ilona Andrews

steel edge ilona the edge fate edge

Life in a border town stuck between different races of powerful beings, a supernatural take on how to survive when you’re not quite what you seem. This isn’t the most popular series by Ilona Andrews but it’s the one that I loved the most. Each book features different characters.

  • Dorina Basarab Series – Karen Chance

dorina    dorina 2

As with Ilona Andrews’ case this isn’t the more popular series from Karen Chance but it’s the one that I truly enjoyed. It’s about Vampires (Shocking, I’m sensing a pattern in my reading of urban fantasy) Demons, Dhampirs, and one kick ass girl that fights them all.

  • The Shifters Series – Rachel Vincent


A  series about a were cat girl who doesn’t want to conform with her role among the shifters and all the chaos that ensues. Great read, one of my favorites from Rachel Vincent.

  • The Blackthorne Series – Lindsay J. Pryor

blood torn   blood shadows   blood deep

This one is about.. Surprise.. Vampires but what makes it stand out it’s that it doesn’t necessarily have a wrapped up happy ending. The books follow Three couples and all the messes they are stuck in while dealing with the possible end of the world, a battle between races, Curses and all sorts of chaos. I’m quite eager for the last book to come out.

  • The Fever Series – Karen Marie Moning


This is a fairly popular series about Fae, I’m still reading the last couple of books (or I will read them soon) It has action, magic and a great slow burning romance ( to some fans too slow burning ) If you like books about Fae this one is for you.

This has been my list so far, I have a lot of other books that I’ve enjoyed but these are some of the best when it come to Urban Fantasy. I’ll keep with the recommendations as I find new material. I hope that you find something new to love among these.

If you have any to recommend to me, or if you have read some of these and loved them  let me know in the comments, I’m always looking forward to discuss books with you guys.

As Always

Happy Reading



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