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Until It Fades By K. A. Tucker – Book Review

book until it fades

Title: Until It Fades

Author: K. A. Tucker


New Adult Contemporary Romance

The Story

51Ext4H2wgL._SY346_Twenty-four-year-old truck stop waitress and single mother Catherine Wright has simple goals: to give her five-year-old daughter a happy life and to never again be the talk of the town in Balsam, Pennsylvania: population two thousand outside of tourist season.

And then one foggy night, on a lonely road back from another failed attempt at a relationship, Catherine saves a man’s life. It isn’t until after the police have arrived that Catherine realizes exactly who it is she has saved: Brett Madden, hockey icon and media darling.

Catherine has already had her fifteen minutes of fame and the last thing she wants is to have her past dragged back into the spotlight, only this time on a national stage. So she hides her identity. It works.

For a time.

But when she finds the man she saved standing on her doorstep, desperate to thank her, all that changes. What begins as an immediate friendship quickly turns into something neither of them expected. Something that Catherine isn’t sure she can handle; something that Catherine is afraid to trust.

Because how long can an extraordinary man like Brett be interested in an ordinary woman like Catherine…before the spark fades?


My Review

I was eagerly anticipating this book, I have loved most of what I’ve read from K. A. Tucker so far but I’m a bit lost with this book. Let me explain, I liked it, I like so much of this book and yet there were a few key things, for me, that were just too cliché or maybe a bit lacking of intensity.

Let me begin with all the things that I thought were great with this book. How the story was told. This is Cath’s story and we see her grow from a “troublesome” teenager to a 24 year-old single mom. We actually feel like we are growing with her, maturing with her, overcoming  her obstacles and all the hard decisions she had to make whether good or bad. I really enjoyed this connection with our main character, it made her so very real to me, so human. Her relationship with her daughter is adorable, she’s a very good mom and to see them interact so much was refreshing. I often read books about single parents where you hardly get to see them with their kids, it’s like merely mentioned but this is not like that at all.

Cath’s friends I Loved, they were what friends should be like, even through the tough times that they were living for a bit she has great people to lean on (her friends) they were exactly what she needed, when she needed it, not afraid to make her face her fears when she had to, or to lend her a hand when the situation got to be too much.

“Life is too short to do what other people think you should do.”

As for her family, it was heartwarming to see the slow reconciliation between them, we all make mistakes (specially when we are teens) but we are still family and we should stick together, we should try to understand each other and support each other as best we can. This book shows that, it’s never to late to forgive and move on.

I liked the dark side of living in a small town that was shown here. I’m a sucker for small town like romances (being a city girl born and bred) it’s refreshing to read about all that sense of community but in this case we get to live the darkness of it. It’s hellish when everyone knows who you are, and you are being judged by literally everyone.

Now, moving on to what bothered me. Brett, he was great, smart, handsome, rich, famous, down to earth, and that’s the thing he was a bit too perfect and cliché for me (He was literally Prince Charming) I needed something to make him more human.

“I’m crazy about you and you won’t even answer my calls. I need to know how to fix that so you’ll give me a chance. Please.”

Second, the romance. It begins quite spectacularly with a really traumatic life threatening event, which gives the excuse for a sudden attraction, so far so good but when everything starts to come together I didn’t believe the relationship they had (particularly in Brett’s case) it felt too sudden and to me, it felt based on shock and gratitude, I didn’t feel the chemistry at all.

So. you see, I liked the over all story and what delivers to the reader (a warm, happy feeling) but it still had those key things that bugged the heck out of me.

So, there you have it, It was an entertaining read, I’ll give it that. It has a very sweet message and it’s light and fluffy (Kind of like a fairy tale) If you’re looking for this type of book you might enjoy giving this a try.

As Always

Happy Reading



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