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Drunk Book Tag

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I saw this tag a while ago on Pages and Pens book tube Channel, ( I’m addicted to Book tube by the way) I thought it was a really fun and original tag (Great for a Saturday which is when this post is coming out, I hope) Everyone can do this (even if you don’t drink 😜 and if you do, well Cheers) Let’s have some drunken fun shall we…


1. Wine Coolers: You’re 16 and you finally managed to sneak one of your mom’s Smirnoff Ices. What is one of your most guilty pleasure reads?

I have said this often, I’m a romance enthusiast when it comes to books so I guess a lot of what I read can be a guilty pleasure of sorts but if I had to think of one (which I do for the sake of this tag) I guess it would be MC books, I love them and the grittier the better. I know that it’s all kinds of wrong but it’s a guilty pleasure after all..


2. Beer: You’ve made it to college and are hosting your first kegger! Pick your favorite new adult or college aged book.

I have so many, but the ones I’m recently reading and loving almost every single one of them it’s the Forbidden men Series by Linda Kage. I’m about to add to this month’s TBR “A Perfect Ten” book 5 in the series, we’ll see if I love it as much as the rest.


3. Tequila: You partied too hard last night and drank a liiittle too much Jose Cuervo. What’s a book that you never want to see again (or, your least favorite book)?

If I hate a book I tend to forget all about it, and recently I haven’t read something that I disliked that strongly so I don’t really have an answer for this.

4. Beer Bong: What’s a book that you read super fast?

Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas, I read this in a matter of hours I could not put it down until I finish.

Punk 57 instagram

5. SPRING BREAK!!!!: You’ve thrown your inhibitions to the wind and end up having a sexy night you’ll never forget. What is your favorite smutty read?

When 50 Shades was all the rage I was reading Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series and when it comes to hot sex scenes, full of steam and passion that would be my pick. Also I love Gideon Cross


6. Screwdriver: What the most twisted (HEH) book you’ve ever read?

Some of my Twisted reads can be found here some for dark themes and others for screwing with your feelings.

7. Long Island Ice Tea: The melting pot of alcoholic beverages. What is one of your favorite diverse reads?

Six of Crows, The Hundredth Queen, and Flame in the Mist. The first for it’s diverse set of characters and the others for the diversity in culture they represent.

the 100 queen  flame in the mist  leigh-bardugo-six-of-crows-new-book-01

8. Sex on the Beach: A drink that’s great in theory, but wasn’t exactly all it was cracked up to be. What is a book that just didn’t live up to the hype?

After reading Six of Crows I was hooked and started reading the Grisha Trilogy and honestly I haven’t even finished it yet. it didn’t full filled my expectations and it had so many recommendations and so many people love it but I didn’t.


9. Wine: You’ve just gone through a rough break-up, so you park yourself in bed with your favorite bottle of wine, some ice-cream, and a bucket for your tears. Name a book that made you cry out all of your feels.

This is the only recent book that has actually made me cry. I don’t cry with books but this one really got to me and I was a sobbing mess..

a 1000 boy kisses

10. Strip Club: What’s the sexiest naked book?

Most of the books that I own are E-books so I don’t have a naked sexy book. Sorry!!!

This was the drunken Book tag, I was actually drinking coffee while writing this so there goes the mystique of the tag.. Feel free to do it if the mood strikes you..

As Always

Happy Reading




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