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Dissonance by Tracey Ward – Book Review


dissojancebrTitle: Dissonance

Author: Tracey Ward

New Adult Contemporary

The Story

Greer Madsen had a rough childhood. With an absent father and a careless mother, she was alone in the world from the moment she was born. But when her mom left for good, she wasn’t just alone. She was homeless. Penniless. But never hopeless. Greer has clung to hope like a lifeline, letting it pull her through the darkest moments of her life until here she stands; under the bright lights of Broadway. Filled with raw, natural talent, she’s making her mark on enraptured audiences. On famous directors.
On notorious rock stars.
Jace Ryker is one scandal away from losing everything. Terminally late with his newest album and floundering to find his sound, he’s feeling frustrated and lost. When an onstage mishap brings his entire tour to a staggering halt, he’s forced to stop and take stock of his life and career, asking himself what he really wants in life. It’s a simple question without an easy answer.
Until he meets Greer.


My Review

Let me begin this review by talking a bit about the characters of this book, we have Greer, our female protagonist, she is a strong girl due to her difficult upbringing, being alone on the streets as a teenager. But with a bit of luck and talent she pushed through and even if she was insecure at times I liked her character.

Then, there is Jace our famous pop star who was a bit down on his luck, although I didn’t exactly dislike him and I understood his indecision to a degree, I found him a bit annoying.

“He had everything, she had nothing. All they wanted was each other”

The romance here is pretty standard, there’s not a lot of angst but there was a lot of chemistry and quite good steamy scenes between them, the dance rehearsal and the stairwell come to mind. What I also found refreshing was that even when we did have the instant attraction they did not really jumped into bed right away.

I’m a sucker for rock star romances/ famous people romance so, this Broadway/ concert type setting appealed to me but I would like to see a bit more of it.

If you like New Adult and music themed romances, check this one out.

Happy Reading





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