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My Reading Hideaway

Foto 6-4-17 10 42 44 p.m.What is a  reading Hideaway and how to built your own

To every book lover a reading hideaway or reading nook is a very important place. It’s that perfect spot where you can lose yourself in your favorite read, leaving aside our problems and the world in general. (At least we try to)

But what makes it the perfect spot?

Don’t worry it’s actually quite easy and sometimes practically free to have your own comfty hideaway. Forget about stressing over custom made seating and what nots (But of course if that it’s your thing just go for it) that’s beauty of it you can easily make your nook with things you have lying around. Just consider these few key points when putting it all together.

  • Locationreading-nook-simple-ii.jpg

It can be an alcove, a window seat, a comfty chair in a corner of the room, anywhere really as long as it is the most quite spot you can find. You have to be able to mute the outside as much as possible to enhance your reading experience.

You also have the opportunity to use curtains, privacy screens, just anything to make it a perfect retreat spot.

  • The seating

Reading nook defy the starsHere comfort is key, you can use an old chair, a bean bag, floor pillows, even your own bed as long as you’re comfortable enough there to curl up with a book for hours. It’s even easier to decorate it by adding touches of colors, and a bit of your personality with whatever you have available, like throw pillows, colorful blankets, plushy carpets and cushions. Some of this you can easily make yourself if you’re crafty like me 😉

  • Lighting

What we need here is balance between natural light and artificial light. It’s awesome if Unknown and abbie glinesyou manage to locate your reading space next to a window but if not don’t fret a floor lamp, or even your desk lamp will work very well.

As you can see it’s really a matter of creativity and a bit of time, then you can easily enjoy your very own reading spot, and leave reality out for a while.

Do you have a reading nook? Do you have other ideas or suggestions on how to create one? Let me know in the comments, I would love to see what you’re reading hideaway looks like

As Always

Happy Reading





4 thoughts on “My Reading Hideaway

  1. love this post and your pics! I would LOVE to have a dedicated place to read! I’m always on the go so that’s how I read to. Whenever and wherever I can 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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