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The Brain’s Workout

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There are a lot of perks about being a bookworm, and recently we even have medical validation for our addiction to reading. It actually improves our health, it keeps our brain young while making us extremely happy.

As any other muscle our brain needs exercise, and that’s where reading comes in. it’s exactly the kind of exercise your brain benefits from.

Just reading one hour a day improves significantly your brain’s health. Of course you can absolutely read more than that, it all depends on your habits and there are no limitations.

Now let’s mention some of those benefits we get from reading

  • IdeasImproves your imagination and creativity as well as your writing skills and vocabulary. And in this day and age creativity it’s a basic skill in our day to day life.


  • Improves your memory, concentration and analytical skills. Just by solving a simple crime in a book or by questioning plot points and twist.


  • It makes you more sympathetic to others around you. By experiencing multiple situations in fiction you tend to become more open minded to different realities and points of views.Girl reading outside


  • It brings down the level of cortisol in our brain, actually more effectively than other activities like listening to music or playing video games. Therefor diminishing your levels of stress.

Man reading

  • It diminishes the risk of Alzheimer and other degenerative diseases like Dementia by keeping numerous brain processes engaged simultaneously.


So, there you have it. When we are enjoying our reading time it’s not just about doing something we love but it is about improving ourselves and keeping our brain young and healthy. I certainly do it a lot 😉

I hope you guys enjoyed this bit of medical information on our greatest vice and how we can defend it to anyone, we are just improving ourselves after all .How many hours do you read a day? let me know in the comments, I’m always curious to know more about you guys.

As Always

Happy Reading


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