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Dangerous Rush by S. C. Stephens – Book Review

dangerous rush

Title: Dangerous Rush

Author: S. C. Stephens

Second Book in the Furious Rush series

New Adult Contemporary Romance

The Story

Dangerous-Rush-Feeling the rush comes with a price…

Mackenzie Cox has lost everything—except Hayden Hayes. With Kenzie’s racing career over, and her family no longer speaking to her, Hayden has been her rock, as she tries to pick up the pieces of what was once her life.

But when Hayden’s racing team hires his beautiful ex-girlfriend, Felicia, to be their new hotshot rider, Kenzie and Hayden’s seemingly solid relationship begins to crack. Kenzie can only watch from the sidelines, as Felicia lives the life she was forced to leave behind, and as tension begins to build between Hayden and Kenzie, she wonders if Hayden isn’t the man she once knew.

My Review


I was a bit hesitant to write this review, why? Because I’m going through a Reviewing slump…(no matter what, I can’t find the will to sit down and write reviews about the couple of books I’ve read so far) Maybe it has to do with the quality of the books even though I’ve liked some they weren’t mind blowing or anything, who knows?

But I digress, the other thing that made doubtful about this review it’s because I don’t really like to trash books…if I don’t have some positive things to say I rather not say anything but in the end I decided to share my feelings on this book so, here it goes nothing..

Let me get out there what I liked about this book and this particular series, The Racing, I love the setting, the competition, the business side of it which wasn’t much but there you have it.

Now on to what Piss me the hell off, well, .. almost everything, I mean I wasn’t a big fan of the first book but I did find it Okay but this one made me so mad that I’m still not making any sense …Deep breaths… Let me start over, we have Hayden and Kenzie who after everything they went through in the previous book we might think the have a strong relationship but NO!! When Felicia (Hayden’s Ex) enters the picture everything goes to hell (which might have been entertaining because it’s obviously a pressure point in the story) And yet what it comes down to is one aggravating inner monologue from both of them…


From Kenzie, she’s oblivious to anything going on around her, but deep down knows that something is wrong but SHE DOESN’T STAND UP TO ANYONE right until 70% or so of the book, I mean come on, if you have doubts talk to the guy you’re supposed to love …TALK PEOPLE .. I hate the miscommunication trope when it’s over used like in this book..

When it comes to Hayden, God don’t get me started, he was an ass here…there is no justification for all the lying and misleading he did here…and his obsession with his Ex was so annoying, make up your mind man!, there were times when I actually felt like he didn’t love Kenzie at all…It was really hard to grasp why they were together in the first place…

All this back an forth between them made up almost the entire book so , I had little else to ease a bit my annoyance so, it wasn’t pleasant… I did give it the rating I did because it’s been a while since a book has made angry like this (I was screaming at my e-reader like a crazy person) so it should have points for that, I guess…


If after reading this ranting you still want to give it a shot feel free to do so, may be you will like it more than I did and you won’t get hung up on the things that bugged me. To all those who do love it, I’m sorry I don’t mean to offend anyone it’s just not the book for me.

As Always

Happy Reading



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