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Ebooks Vs Physical Books

Foto 7-4-17 5 42 54 p.m.E-books or Physical Books

The question continues

I’m an e-book girl all the way, most of the books I’ve acquired in the last 3 or 4 years are digital books and I read on my android tablet. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my physical books too but e-books work better for me. The scale on this particular topic is constantly moving from one to the other. Just at the end of 2016 Physical books had regained ground on their sales but e-books are still hot on their heels, so, why not discuss the pros and cons of each one or at least my take on it as a consumer.

  • Portabilityguy reading subway

It’s really easy to carry an enormous amount of books in just one device, as oppose to a sack of books. And it certainly makes for a more comfortable way of reading when you’re in the subway or any other public transportation however this might not work so well if you have to worry about being robbed (which usually happens in my little corner of the world 😦 )

  • Physicality

book and coffeeOk, the actual flipping of a page, the smell of an old book it gives a more emotional connection than holding your tablet (you don’t feel weird hugging your favorite book but hugging your tablet, that’s crazy) 😉

You don’t experience the same pride when you’re displaying your e-book collection as you certainly do with your physical bookshelves.

And let’s not forget, books don’t run out of batteries. 😉

  • Price and convenience

In a lot of cases e-books are cheaper than physical books and you don’t have to wait for them to get shipped to get your hands on your next read. However on physical books sometimes you get a few bonuses like prints, decorated covers, signature plates..

  • ConfidentialityKindle

Nobody needs to know your guilty reading pleasure 😉 if you are using an e-book. (Yep, I’m talking about those smutty reads) as long as you don’t forget to password protect it if you lend your e-reader to someone.

The downside to this reading privacy might be that books are at times great ice breakers, or the perfect starting point to a conversation.

Overall both have great many pros and cons, in my case what tips the scale towards e-books has to do with convenience and accessibility, so, how about you? Are you a book or an e-book reader? Let me know in the comments.

As always

Happy Reading





5 thoughts on “Ebooks Vs Physical Books

  1. I’m 100% with you. I had a HUGE library of physical books, my cleaning lady ones said she’s never seen so many books in a home before – yikes!! But then I got my first kindle and I was hooked. I started getting all those free eBooks from Amazon, plus all the sales and .99 cent books, I was in heaven. I don’t even leave my house without my kindle in my purse. And if I don’t read on my kindle it’s on my iPhone. I literally have my library with me every step of the day. I’m loving it!!! I just hope we’ll never have a time when internet implodes on us and all my eBooks are gone for ever.

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  2. This is basically a constant struggle for me! haha 😀 I have a Kindle and generally like it. The main reason I like it is the confidentiality it gives, like you said in your last point. I mean, I don’t read a lot of books with embarrassing covers, but still. I hate some covers for that reason! I love the feeling of holding a real book, but e-books are amazing for portability. Like going on vacation! And on the other hand, physical books are definitely the prettiest to take pictures of for Instagram. 😀 So there’s definitely pros and cons to both.

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  3. I’m an e-reader person. Bought a paperwhite a few years ago and count it as one of my best purchases ever.
    I agree with the points you’ve listed. Another big plus for me is using an e-reader for library books. I struggled for the longest time with using library books, because I would get the book, read it, love it, and then never want to give it back. I wanted it to be all MINE!
    With an e-reader, though, I still have the e-reader. I can check out a digital copy, download it, read it, and then the file magically disappears when the rental period ends. Something about not having to physically hand over the book I fell in love with makes things easier on me. Plus, I didn’t have to actually go to the library, which is great because although libraries are wonderful places, I’m still just really lazy!

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