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Historical Romance Recommendations

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Before Paranormal Romance and Fantasy (urban and traditional) became all the rage, before all the hype of BDSM (a la 50 shades) and CEO’s and biker romances were everywhere.. there were Historical Romances (All with their cheesy covers, because let’s face it some do have very cheesy covers). I used to read a lot of them, especially  books with a Medieval setting or about pirates or Scotchmen (those were my favorites).

I’ve lost the habit of reading historicals, in fact I hardly read them now. And it’s a bit sad for me.. so, I decided to make this recommendation post to share those that I used to love and to help encourage myself (with your help) to pick some new historicals for my TBR..

I didn’t have favorite books per se (I’m lying of course I did) but favorite authors instead, their style of writing and the stories they told I devoured, every single one of them. They are not new, mind you, they have been around for a long time but I promise that nevermind how old they might be they are really good, so, if you love losing yourself in an specific time period and hang out with everyone at court or in the galley of a ship check a few of this out..

Jane Feather

She has a ton of companion series based on different time periods from The highlands of Scotland, The Victorian era, Medieval times…And her characters are so varied they go from Pirates to Highwaymen to French spies… You get a bit of everything with her books, intrigue, a beautiful description of the time you’ll get sucked into and of course a great love story..

My favorite books by her are:

The Kiss Trilogy

  • The Bride’s Kiss
  • To Kiss a Spy
  • Kissed By shadows

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The Bride trilogy

  • The Hostage Bride
  • The Accidental Bride
  • The Least Likely Bride

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The Charmed Bracelet Series

  • The Diamond Slipper
  • The Silver Rose
  • The Emerald Swan

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Teresa Medeiros

She has a style that mixes whimsical story lines with lots of humour and the sweetest romances. Most of her books are a light and fast read exactly what you need if you need a pick me up. And her characters range from Hunky Scottish Men to even Victorian vampires.

I recommend ( almost all of her books but these are my favorites)

  • Lady of Conquest
  • Once an Angel
  • A Whisper of Roses

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Marsha Canham

If you’re looking for adventure, look no further. These are the books for you, from pirates and sea battles to Robin Hood sort of retelling mixed up with scorching romances that will have you swooning.

My Favorites

  • The Pride of Lions
  • Across a Moonlit Sea
  • Through a Dark Mist

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Iris Johansen

Before she became the great contemporary thriller writer that she is, she wrote quite a few historical romances and they still have her style, full of intrigue and adventure, so go check them out you won’t be disappointed.

My Favorites

  • The Magnificent Rogue
  • The Treasure
  • The Golden Barbarian
  • The Tiger Prince

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There you have it, these were my favorite historicals back in the day and some still are, if you like this genre check them out I’m positive that you will enjoy them.

If you have some favorites in this genre that are newer (because I know most of these are oldies) and you think I might like to give them a try Let me know in the comments, it will help me revive my love for historical romance…

As Always

Happy Reading



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