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Reviewing Slump – What To Do?

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As a reader I’m familiar with several types of Slumps… Reading Slump, Blogging Slump, but the one that I’m currently experiencing hit me out of the blue. I’m talking about The Reviewing Slump (I’m finding out that almost anything can be transformed into a Slump, right?😁)

What is a Slump, exactly?

Well, for the sake of this subject the definition that fits better is “A period of time during which a person goes without an object or action.” (Urban Dictionary)

And that’s me, at least when it comes to reviewing in the past couple of weeks…I can’t really figure out why. I have been reading, in fact I believe that I have finished most of my TBR for this month which is great (YAY!!) and the books have been generally good (most of them).

However when it comes down to sitting down and actually write a review about them I’m just like blankly staring at the screen…or my mind just keeps wondering about some other post ideas or, tags I want to get to…I can’t focus on actually writing the review…It’s been frustrating.


When I do get to write something and I’m in the middle of a revision, the end result tends to be a bit disappointing, it’s either too short or it doesn’t really makes sense ( It’s more rambling than usual, I guess) which just makes it end up in the trash folder… When I started the blog I had so many reviews to share, some that have already been posted but now I feel like I’m struggling with them.

I know that this might not be a huge deal in terms of what I’m posting, first I have other types of post (Discussions, Recommendations, Tags, and what not) And to be honest Reviews aren’t quite at the top of the list Stats-wise.. However, It’s one of the reasons why this little blog came to be…I wanted to share my love of the books I was reading with all of you so, this little glitch took me by surprise.

Since I’m always in favour of being pro-active, I have thought of ways to help me out of this funk I’m in…

  • Reading mostly what I’m excited for

I’m trying to focus on books that really get my juices flowing those new or past releases that I’m really interested and excited to pick up, thankfully August and September are filled with books I’m happily looking forward to reading. And if they don’t live up to the hyped I just put them down for the time being..


  • Writing what I feel as soon as possible

I can’t always write a review immediately after reading a certain book because you know.. Life..right? but I’m trying to put the main points in a little notebook I keep with me, this is to help me build coherently (mostly) what appeal to me about the book.


  • Go with the flow

If I’m still stuck, I’ll focus on some other topics for the time being, like so many other Slumps this one will pass eventually and I will get back on my reviewing track.


I just wanted to get this out there, to explain in a way what has been happening with my reviews and to help those who might be going through something similar…

Have you ever been through a Reviewing Slump? What got you out of it? Let me know all about it in the comments…

As Always

Happy Reading



4 thoughts on “Reviewing Slump – What To Do?

    1. I’m not really bother by it either but it makes feel a bit lazy since I have been reading fine … I’m stuck in trying to put my feelings into words 😭 when it comes to the books I’ve read. Maybe I’ll do an emoji review that might help…😄 crazy ideas all around…

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