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I saw this tag at readingwithrendz when I was looking for a fun Halloween tag to do..and it’s of the things that I truly enjoy about October it’s all the horror movie marathons so, a tag about horror movies was a matched made in heaven… I’m so in the mood for it..


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The Zombie Apocalypse

Name a book you’d save when civilization ends..

Just one are you kidding?? I’m way ahead, I won’t save just one I’ll have my custom made bunker filled with them… and with food and water and other essentials of course I’m not completely crazy…I think..


The Vampire

A book you would stake through the heart..

A Hundred Years Of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez..I know t might be an unpopular opinion and a lot of people will think me ignorant and such but I still don’t get the supposed greatness of this book, I know it’s and award winning book but uggghh … I read it in high School and I hate it to this day….


The Haunted House

A book that still haunts you..

I have quite a few that haunt me in a good way, whether it’s some of their quotes or stories that have stuck with me, or characters that I love… For instance… Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo and its amazing Book Quotes….



The Psycological Thriller

Book with a twist you did not see coming

I’m not much for Thrillers but a while ago I read a compilation of short Stories called Shudder Again and they certainly had quite the twist to each and everyone….pure mind fuckery…


The Creepy Doll

A book that seems inocent but isn’t

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff…looks like your typical fantasy but it will blow your mind..


The Monster

A book you could barely tackle

The Divine Comedy, It’s a classic but it’s so dense, the style it is written so complicated…it was truly a monster of a book.


The Comedy Horror

A book with mixed genres that worked or didn’t

Illuminae, Very different style of storytelling… Mails, documents, messages, I found it unique and interesting….

Illuminae cover.jpg

The Cliched Teen Horror

A book you found super cliched

Breathe by Abbi glines, it was one of her first books I think and it was so cliched and cheesy…it had me cringing a bit…Her work does get better but this one got suck on my head…even the covers are a bit cheesy…

Untitled design-3

The Demonic Possession

A Book so gripping you need an exorcist to scape it

Not quite gripping but addicting nonetheless, they are over the top ridiculous at times but you can’t put them down regardless….The Royal Series by Erin Watt….


The Science Fiction

A precious book you would sacrifice to aliens for the good of mankind

The Lord Of The Rings, best fantasy book ever….

download (1)

This was the Horror Movies Book Tag, hope you enjoyed my answers and if you want to do it go ahead I’m tagging you…What are you waiting for??…GO Do It Now…

As Always

Happy Reading


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