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Supernatural Couples – What if they were real?

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First a warning, what you are about to read it might be fill with a lot of crazy imaginings from someone who has read a bit too much Paranormal Romance in her life, and has too much free time on her hands (for the moment at least until life gets hectic again…hehe..) So, if you want to have a bit of fun with me and my nonsensical ramblings stick around and keep reading…


Books are amazing (every book lover knows that) Why? because they give us the opportunity to live things that are in no way real (a lot of the time) I’m referring to Fantasy, Sci/Fi and Paranormal books of course… We visit worlds filled with dragons, Fae, magic…We travel through space and time…and we get to hang out, fight or fall in love with Vampires, Werewolves and Demons…  Awesome right?


But what if that could happen?, Have you ever wonder what the downside of dating a Vampire would be like? (probably not…but as I mentioned before I had a bit too much free time and a theme to fill so this crazy idea came to me and I started wondering about that) This is what this little post is going to be about, the possible downside of dating a Supernatural Creature — Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Demons.

I’m not going to comment too much about how unrealistically gorgeous they always are, I get it! It’s a fantasy so why not use the hottest guy/girl you can imagine, right? They all have a perfect face, gorgeous hair, they are tall and have chiseled abs or perfect figure if it’s a girl …the whole shabang…We all know that would not be the case AT ALL if we were being realistic (disappointing.. I know but bear with me)..


I’ve mentioned before, I love them!! I love the idealised version of them, how they are sexy, mysterious, tortured and terrifying all at once…But if we bring out the reality mat…They will become the creepiest kind of guy ever…Just by age difference alone, this  would take dating an older man to a whole new level.

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And we would probably end up suffering from sleep deprivation, anemia, and we would look like a human pincushion most of the time, because our guy has to eat… and guess who is going to be the snack? Not to mention that this could raise the question.. Who’s neck have you been biting?? if he suddenly seems a bit to healthy.. am I right?


The first thing that comes to mind is how true it would make the phrase “My boyfriend is a Dog”…It would be a literal thing. And with this comes all those little mishaps that every dog owner is familiar with…


The shedding, the fleas, and on top of that once a month we would have to either contain him or set him free and deal later with whatever trouble he caused while in wolf form (almost like when your dog gets the neighbour’s dog pregnant, or tear their yard, and little things like that)…Not fun at all.


This is the one freaks me out the most when we bring a bit of reality into the mix because it’s a FREAKING CORPSE…It smells, it falls apart,  and you are his food, not your blood like with a Vampire but your flesh…forget love honey!…Run like Hell!!



Talk about the perfect disappearing act? In this case I guess that you would not get tired of each others faces because you might not be able to see his… And it would be so stressing because you wouldn’t know when he’s watching you….. We would end up being completely paranoid…Scary!!



When I thought about this I couldn’t help but picture the Demon from Legend -1985- (Old movie I know) and well you couldn’t take him anywhere or it would scare the heck out people… The guy is humongous and with horns and a tail… Also we would never know for sure what kind of powers he might have and he would want to make your life a living Hell (pun intended)


To be honest, after this little fun exercise I appreciate books much more (they make everything fit perfectly), Let’s set free our imagination and make whatever strikes our fancy become a reality through them…whether we write them or just enjoy living in the worlds created by others…Because reality it’s hard to deal with a lot of times and we need to have a place to just decompress and recharge…and what better way to do this than enjoying our favorite book…


I hope you had fun reading this nonsensical Halloweeny post, Let me know your thoughts in the comments….What do you think would be the most troublesome supernatural couple??

This post has been linked to the 2017 Discussion Challenge hosted be Feed your fiction addiction and It starts at midnight …go check it out if you haven’t…


As Always

Happy Reading

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