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What not to say when talking to a Book Lover

What not to say when talking to a Book Lover

Hello Everyone!! You see that girl with the sword on my title there? Well, today we are going to discuss those little annoying things that make us (Book Lovers) upset/angry enough to do exactly that (draw a sword or any weapon at our disposal on you)… We are not a violent bunch but we are driven to it by careless comments….(That is my defense and I’m innocent until proven guilty)

I know that I’m deviating a bit from my Halloweenie streak but since some of these thoughtless utterings range from upsetting to downright scary…I though them a fitting  topic for my Wednesday discussion.


Like I said before Readers are not violent people as a rule but sometimes a careless comment here and there can turn us into the Hulk… it happens to the best of us. Since I’m always striving to make our bookish world a better place (with a little advice and Chocolate) I want to let all those non-readers and some fellow bookworms what you shouldn’t say if you want to avoid being in the middle of a total freak out or just to protect your physical integrity.

Sadness and Fear

When an unsuspecting person utters things like:


  • Did you know that ——-(favorite book) it’s being made into a movie?

I know you probably wanted to be helpful and informative but if you chose this route be prepare for the terror and sadness that a movie adaptation can cause on quite a few of us book lovers…So if after you give out that information we suddenly burst into tears or just star screaming ti the heavens WHY??,WHY??.Just keep your cool and be supportive.

  • ———– (insert here your favorite author) decided that he/she is not going to continue writing———-(your favorite series or just the one you started and loved) 

Again, I’m sure that your intentions were good but if these words pass your lips take into account that you will be breaking our bookish hearts and be prepared to deal with fallout.

  • I don’t like to read


Don’t say this to a reader ever, it breaks our heart…tear to pieces and stump on it…How can you not read, we can’t understand such a thing….Are you even Human??? So please refrain to give out this dark secret of yours and let us live in blissful ignorance.

Anger and Annoyance

Now we are moving on to dangerous territory, be careful when you say things like:


  • Sorry to interrupt your reading but /or since you are not doing anything I need you to….

First, for your sake try with all your might not to interrupt us while we are in the middle of reading (JUST DON’T OK??) but if it’s unavoidable don’t say things like this just gently inform us what you need us for and pray to the heavens that it is actually an emergency (like the house is on fire and we need to get out…or the Zombie apocalypse has begun) Otherwise be prepared to receive in the best case scenario a hex on your family….even if we don’t have a clue how to do that, don’t worry there are books for it..

  • Aren’t you too old/smart to be reading that…
  • Are you reading that book again?

I still don’t understand why people say these things to us when they see that we are enjoying a book, whether we are reading it for the first time or have read it a thousand times …First WHO CARES?? I’m not harming anybody doing this so why should I pay attention to a close minded view of what I should like or not and whether I’m just supposed to enjoy a book once….Don’t say these things to us, please, I’m really warning you because the least harmful response I’m sure you’ll get it’s a book on the head… So, I’m just looking out for you and your well being…

Murderous Rage


Abandon all hope ye who say this….I’m not kidding these are the worst things to say to a reader…. so avoid them at all costs unless you want someone planning your demise…

  • Don’t you have enough books..

No we don’t, but we do have one friend too many, so why not get rid of him/her…

  • You know it’s just a book right? It’s not real

This usually happens right in the middle of a bookish breakdown, we are suffering along with our favorite characters and in case you don’t want to suffer with us (because we will make you suffer….slowly….and painfully) Don’t say this….

  • I hated this book because —-spoilers—-


Why would you do this??? It’s so….words escape me….the only punishment fit for you after this is death (again a slow and painful death)…there’s no escaping it so please …think before you speak.

  • I lost/damaged the book you loan me

I know that accidents happen but my heart felt advice is either replace the book or just get out of the country….there’s nothing more to it….

  • You’re so antisocial, all you do is read

Remember the painful and slow death?? well multiply that for a 100 and then you’ll have your sentence after these hateful words….We all do what we want and no one has the right to put us down for it.


There are so many things that annoyed us readers because they end up being careless, and sometimes mildly insulting comments that I could go on and on, and sadly not just in the fun way that I decided to make this posts, so let’s all just live and let live and to each its own….Just let us enjoy our book affair and be a part of our joy instead of bringing us down, be supportive, and maybe pick a book here and there and let yourself find something in it to love like us….

Hope you guys enjoy this little rambling of mine and let me know What are those comments that drive you nuts?? How do you deal with them??

As Always

Happy Reading

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11 thoughts on “What not to say when talking to a Book Lover

  1. Amazing post! Points well made. I totally agree with you in all. I did have too many lost/damaged the books thanks to my cousins and friends and now I stop loaning my books to people. And I really hate when people say ‘Don’t you have enough books’, what they don’t understand is you can never have enough books but now that last 5 years I am using kindle not purchasing too many paperbacks/hardcovers, I don’t hear this that much. The new line I am keep hearing is you are living with that thing (kindle), your eye-sight is going to get bad etc. etc. If people around you are not bookworms/book lovers like you are, they are never going to get it so I stop caring about their comments even though sometimes they get really annoying.

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