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Forbidden Men by Linda Kage – Series Review

forbidden men series

Series: Forbidden Men

Author: Linda Kage

New Adult Contemporary

  • Price of a Kiss (READ)
  • To Professor with Love (READ)
  • Be my Hero (READ)
  • With Every Heartbeat (READ)
  • A Perfect Ten (READ)
  • Worth it (READ)
  • The Girl’s got Secrets (CURRENTLY READING)
  • Priceless
  • Consolation Prize


It’s been a while since I’ve done a series review (being on my reviewing slump and all) I’m so bad at keeping up with series, I start them and then halfway through I just let them slide…Has this happened to you? I’m sure it has, because we have so many other books to read right??..

Anyway, this is a companion series…which means that every book is its own story and you just need to read them in order to keep up with what has been happening with all the characters in it….No Cliffhangers….and not waiting to find out what happens next. I have been surprisingly diligent at reading this series so, I wanted to share my thoughts on it so far… I’m not doing an individual review of every book just my feelings on them as a whole and what my favorite books of the series are up until my last read..


I have read six out of the nine books that are out there, and I’m giving the overall series a 4 star rating…of course each book has its own individual rating but as a whole (kind of like watching a TV show) it has been a very enjoyable read…

It’s New adult so if this isn’t your cup of tea just ignore it, but if you get your kicks out of it like me I’m sure you will love it…The relationships are really well done, No insta-love in sight…first attraction yes, but that unbelievable love just by looking at you NO!! That just gives it a plus for me… They develop in time with such adorable interactions, great banter and sense of humour… Just the way I love my romance..

The friendships are great, I adore them, bear in mind that everyone here is either family, friends or co-workers and to see how supportive they are of each other, no matter the circumstances, how they jump in to help out or just be there…It’s amazing. It also has a lot of sense of humour, the typical banter among guys, and the more subdued girl talk…I really like this, it’s one of its strong point for me.

Most of the setting is at college, and at the bar where everybody works, so the complications that surround our characters are either family issues, living on their own, and college life in general.

The Price of A Kiss, first book in the series touches a hard subject, prostitution, but it was handled quite well in my opinion… The reason to start doing that, and the problems that come with having a relationship with someone who sells his body for a living, it was heart breaking and so relatable… This is one of my favorites of the series, I love the characters and how the story is told.

Worth It the sixth book and the last one that I’ve read so far deals with someone who just got out of jail, and has literally noone to rely on…until he finds this awesome group of people who welcomes him and gives him the chance to star over….It deals with how hard it is to get back into the real world after being imprisoned and learning to deal with the abuse that you were a victim of while being in jail…. Also a favorite..

And my other favorite is Be My Hero, the third book in the series and it is mainly because of Pick the male protagonist, He is perfection….and his story is so sweet that I couldn’t get enough of it.

The downside I found on these books is how easy everything is resolved…You have a considerable issue to deal with and Bam!!! it all works out quite fast and without any glitches…this puts me off a bit in some cases more than others but even so I still love the books and sincerely recommend them…if you are in the mood for cute, heart warming romance.

Hope you enjoyed my review on the books I’ve read so far, I’ll post the rest of my thought on the remaining books as soon as I’ve read them…If you would like a more in depth review on them (individually) let me know in the comments…. And if you have read them let me know what you thought about them???

As Always

Happy Reading

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