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October Wrap up and November TBR

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October Wrap Up

It was actually a much better reading month for me than September was, even though I didn’t complete my TBR for the month, I didn’t have too much expectations about how much I was actually going to read in October because I usually just spend my free time watching Horror Movies or binge watching my favorite paranormal shows (It’s my October fest)…But I did managed to read a total of  7 Books and a couple of Manga (which I have found myself into lately)—So, a good reading month, I’m currently in the middle of Zero Repeat Forever but I don’t think I’m going to finish it before I hit publish on this so, It will be on my November Wrap Up…

As for the quality of the books I’ve read this month, most of them were 4 Star reads and a couple of 3.5 which is good enough….Let’s get to the books…

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  • Hideaway – Penelope Douglas – 4 Stars – I was stalking the author’s page until I finally saw that the book had come out the first of this month — I was all over it –and all that waiting wasn’t in vain…I’m addicted to this series and now I can’t wait until the next one.. (Check out my review)
  • Worth It – Linda Kage – 3.5 Stars – I’ve been surprising diligent with this series probably because I’m enjoying the heck out of all the characters….I read this one that is book 6 and the next one …I’m only two books away from finishing the whole thing until she releases a new one…The book was really good for those who enjoy New Adult, and cute romance with great friendships…(Check out my review)
  • The Girl’s got Secrets – Linda Kage – 4 Stars — Like I mentioned earlier this is book 7 and I freaking love it…It’s one of my favorite so far… Asher is amazing throughout the series but in his own book … words can’t describe him…It’s a Rock Star Romance kind of…and there’s a hilarious theme of a girl passing up as a boy which is fun to read and done amazingly well in this book.
  • An Enchantment Of Ravens – Margaret Rogerson – 3 Stars — This was an entertaining read, I pick it up because I’m a sucker for everything Fae and I was intrigued by the synopsis…I know that a lot of people didn’t like it but I honestly think it wasn’t that bad… (Check Out My Review)
  • First Came Forever – Annie Woods – 3.75 Stars — My first physical book for review so it has a special place with me since I mostly receive E-books…It’s a very surprising Young Adult book with quite a few plot twist that will keep you interested..(Review To Come)
  • Play On – Samantha Young – 4 Stars – This book took me by surprise, it wasn’t at all what I expected and it was such an emotional book…it really messes you up and pulls at your heartstrings..(Review To Come)
  • Warcross – Marie Lu – 4 Stars — This book has put me in the mood to read cyber Punk and Sci/Fi…which is why I’m anticipating getting my hands on Renegades by Marissa Meyer when it comes out next week…This book was amazing, the pacing of the story, the setting ( I loved the virtual reality setting)…the characters…everything.(Check Out My Review)

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These were the books I read this month, but funny thing…I also found myself reading Manga.. I’m not a huge Manga fan by any means, I actually prefer to watch anime but since I was curious about how one anime series ended (this has happened to me more than once) I decided to pick up the manga because I just had to know — The weird thing  is that I didn’t actually ended up reading that series at all but a few others that sounded good and I thought they would help me pass the time — and boy did they ever!! I was hooked…

I’m a bit hesitant about giving these a rating because I won’t be judging the artwork or anything so, just take into consideration that what I like about them is the stories therefor my rating has to do with that more than anything else.These were the Mangas I read this month:

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  • Kare First Love – 10 volumes – Author – Miyasaka, Kaho – 4 Stars – I loved this one, is such a cute coming of age story and a beautiful relationship between a shy girl and a popular boy.
  • Strange Dragon – 3 Volumes – Author – Ishihara, Keiko – 3 Stars – I would have like more from this, it was too short…I was really enjoying the human/Dragon thing..
  • Hapi Mari: Happy Marriage – 10 Volumes – Author –  Enjouji, Maki – 3.5 Stars – This was Hilarious, it has its cultural difference so, somethings might make you a bit mad but overall entertaining.
  • Reimei no Arcana – 13 Volumes – Author – Touma, Rei —I’m currently reading this one and I’m on Volume 6… and loving it..

So if I add this up which I will because reading is reading, right? matter the venue…I managed a total of 10 books –minus the ones I’m still working my way through– Not a bad reading month at all..

November TBR

I’m being lazy this November and I’m going to take it as it comes, with a not quite planned TBR like I’ve been doing these past months… because I want to catch up a bit on the books I’ve been putting down this year but there are a few that I would like to get to so –let’s call them my light TBR for November..

la-et-renegades-cover-20170515.jpg download1.jpg 33799449 36409739

  • Renegades – Marissa Meyer – This I’m highly anticipating let’s hope it isn’t a total fail..
  • Mine for the Week – Erika Kelly
  • Brooding YA hero – Carrie Ann Dirisio
  • Butterfly – Cambria Hebert
  • Forever Right Now – Emma Scott
  • Unraveling Destiny – Amelia Hutchins
  • Wicked Ruin – S. L. Jennings

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That’s it, I might add some of the books that have been left behind on my pasts TBRs or maybe I’ll decide to catch up on a series…we’ll see how it goes.. Hopefully even better than October — fingers crossed—

Let me know what you plan to read this month?? and if you have read some of these books what did you think??

As Always

Happy Reading

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15 thoughts on “October Wrap up and November TBR

    1. I saw a couple of bad reviews out there on the web but what I think it’s that a lot of those people was expecting something similar to ACOTAR and it was disappointed when this book wasn’t like that…That’s the problem with how you market something to sell…. I enjoyed it quite a bit…


      1. It’s alright. Thing is, it was marketed as an adult book with suspense and fantasy, magic, paranormal. Turns out it was YA, and it was quite weak. I didn’t like YA at all at that time. So you can imagine how disappointed I was…

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