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What Type of Reader Are You??


First off, no, this isn’t a test that after answering a few questions is going to tell you –you are this or that type of reader…Not at all…It’s just that since we (bookworms) love making lists (our TBRs, favorite books, favorite characters) and categorising anything (again all those list –so very popular– of every single type of reading on Goodreads — Books with angels, demons, leprechauns…and any thing you can think of)

I started to wonder about the different types of readers we can be, based on our habits, like how we like to organise our reading schedule, how we chose our next read, the speed of our reading and things like that and (after a conscientious observation ) I came up with a total of  8 types of reader… I’m sure there are more — it’s as varied as all the readers out there — and everyone can add to this list, his or her own type based on their personal expertise (this isn’t a  scientific research or anything) It’s merely for fun…

Types of Reader

  • The Moody Reader


A lot of us bookworms claim to be this specific type of reader, and we base this assumption on the way we chose what to read next….It’s all in the gut, the feelings you get when you pick this or that book, if you had enough coffee that day or if you are relaxed or totally stressed out…. It all come down to how you feel when you are standing in front of your bookshelves or just scrolling on your Kindle/Tablet.

It has to do with how many books we put down or DNF because we are not in the mood for them…like I said before it’s all about feelings…

  • The Schedule – a – holic

giphy (3)


Quite the opposite of the Moody reader, in this case every single thing is organised and scheduled, your reading time, what books they’re going to read up to 5 years from now (No I’m not kidding, it goes that far) Everything is pre planned and if things get out order they just can’t deal with it…it’s unthinkable…

  • The Challenge Monster


Challenges are very popular and they help to increase and diversify our reading, but there’s a new brand of reader that comes out of this rank and is that one that can’t pass up any challenge…it needs and craves the competition…it needs to read everything  on every challenge it can sign up for….No matter what he/she will read it complete the challenge.

  • The Indecisive Reader


It can be mistaken sometimes as a Moody reader but the main difference is their inability to actually commit to a book… It starts one after the other, because they all sound good or because somebody recommended this or that, or they just saw it and the cover is gorgeous…They are probably reading nothing at all.. because they cannot choose.

  • The ARC Slaves


They are constantly on the hunt for them because they need to read that book ahead of everybody else….They just have to or life is meaningless….They have lots and lots of ARCs (probably unread) but they just need to get that new one…It’s a must…

  • The Cover Reader

giphy (1)

This isn’t exactly a reader, it’s just someone who chooses their books because their covers are gorgeous and they will look good on their Instagram…They do have beautiful accounts, but I’m not totally sure if they do read the books at all….I know some do, but not all.

  • The Reading machine


As the name implies they are like a machine, most likely you will find them in the middle of reading 3 books (maybe more) at once and that’s not counting Audio books….They read super fast and at the end of each month they must have read over 20 books at least…It’s mind boggling.

  • The Slump Victim



It’s those poor readers that jump from one reading slump to another making them unable to stick or enjoy what they are currently reading… It’s not their fault, they do get to read one amazing book once or twice but everything goes downhill from there.

There you have it, these are my types of reader…the beauty of this crazy investigation (I can’t even keep a straight face as I’m writing this) is that I found that I’m not just one type…but many, in fact I think I’ve been all of them and even two types at once from time to time (except for the schedule-a-holic one I’m too messy for that)

So, let me know what type you are?? Just one or more than one?? or if you have a different type to add write it down in the comments….

As Always

Happy Reading

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31 thoughts on “What Type of Reader Are You??

  1. The Moody Reader! MOST of the time. The Cover Reader – Sometimes.
    I aspire to be the The Schedule – a holic but no such luck. well… maybe 1 out of 10.

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  2. Haha, these were clever! I think I’m a combination of The Moody Reader and The Slump Victim 🐵. I envy all the Reading Machines out there.
    This is similar to The Arc Slave, but I think you can add The Pop Book Fanatic, the reader that sticks to the newest, hyped releases 🙂. Ooo, and The Hipster Bookworm! They avoid popular, mainstream books and only read unfamiliar titles haha.

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  3. I’m a Schedule-a-holic. My book friends laugh at me as I have lists for everything 😂 But sometimes I don’t feel like sticking to a list and go off on my own merry way. It’s a battle of the mind v heart!!!

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  4. I am ‘The Moody Reader’ and ‘The Reading machine’. I cannot read more than one book at a time because I hate jumping from one story to the other but I do read fast. I usually finish a book in 2-3 days but if I start a book during the weekend and can’t put it down I usually finish it in a day 🙂

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  5. Hahaha Michelle I’m more of a moody reader. I get ARCs now with the blog but I try to acceptfew, the ones that I really want and plan to read just to leave space for my “moody” reads. Great post!

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