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Branching Out My Reading – Manga, Comics and Graphic Novels



I have a Bookish confession to make… (Drum rolls) I am not exactly a Diverse reader!! (cue the gasps) Not when it comes to genre, nor when it comes to reading mediums– although I could argue that since I’m from Latin America all those books set in the US, UK, Canada, etc.. can be considered diverse reads for me — quite the cop out, right?? — However, I am trying to read more diversely when it comes to content ( I have picked up a few good books that touch mental illness and some LGBTQ+ ) As for the genre… that is a bit harder for me (I need my romance)

Where I’m having quite a success with this venture of branching out my reading has to do with the mediums, I have developed a taste for Manga and Graphic Novels lately and I’m taking advantage of it…

It’s not the first time this has happened… when it comes to comics and graphic novels I have read American Vampire, The Twilight Graphic Novel (don’t judge me), 30 Days of Night in the past… But it’s mostly a passing fancy, I lose interest soon enough… Which is why I’m trying to take advantage of my mood as fully as I can and have picked up to read as soon as I can…

download    81HOHp3nwWL   250px-Saga1coverByFionaStaples

  • Monstress
  • Wytches (this was a recommendation).
  • And I’m seriously thinking about picking up Saga and see for myself what all the fuss is about.

As for Manga, I guess it has to do with my Anime Kick (that has now gone back to normal, mostly) It is usual for me to get hooked on an Anime, and when it just stops randomly I’m left with the need to see what happens next (I need the closure), so I go to check the Manga… This was how I found myself reading Vampire Knight (some of it at least) and Dance in the Vampire Bund a couple of years ago.. It’s how it all started this time around too, but funny enough the one Manga that I wanted to check out didn’t interest me enough.. it was another one that had me glued to the pages… If you want to know which Mangas I’ve read until now check out my October wrap up here.

Now I’m completely hooked (specially with the slices of life ones, for some reason they remind me of a soap opera and even if some are a little silly I can’t put them down) I’m currently reading:

139213  164273  148711

  • Kuro Hakushaku Wa Hoshi Wo Mederu ( The Black Count Loves the Star)
  • Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet
  • Sabaku No Harem

I just finished a couple too but I’ll let you know more about my thoughts on those in my November Wrap up,  what bugs me a little about manga is that unless they are completed I’m left hanging too, but this is the life of a reader, right? we are always waiting for the new release to come out no matter the medium it comes in…So this how my attempt at branching out is going so far…I think it is quite an achievement, let’s see how this continues…

How about you guys?? What graphic novels do you recommend ?? How about Manga?? do you read it?? Let me know what you think in the comments below…

As Always

Happy Reading

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5 thoughts on “Branching Out My Reading – Manga, Comics and Graphic Novels

  1. Hi, Michelle! I have read a lot of mangas, hundreds, most of them I never seen registered in Goodreads. You are right at the part where you will wait for months to read another chapter, then years for volumes. There are too much ongoing mangas that are released in their country of origin but not in english, so patience is the key. Anyway, I’d want to know if what genre you are inclined and recommend you some if you want. I have finished Vampire Knight and now reading Vampire Knight Memories, its sequel. Do you know Dengeki Daisy or Ao Haru Ride? I think if you love Hirunaka no Ryuusei, you will loved it. Let me Thank you for having an interest to my blog, I love this post by the way. 🙂

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    1. I would love Manga recommendations… I tend to find the mangas for the animes that I enjoy but lately I’ve been reading more and more… I’m a sucker for shoujo manga — slices of life, supernatura, fantasy, adventure — I’m not picky… and Yes, I read Ao haru Ride and Loved it… Right now I’m in the middle (more or less) of ReRe Hello, and the story is so sweet… The one I just finished was Barairo No Yakusoku .. I really liked the drama it had but it’s an ongoing one and I don’t know when it will continue… Patience… If you have any recommendations go ahead I’ll check them out…

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      1. Yap. Unlike book release, mangas tend to release per chapter but it’s great that way because the feeling of excitement is undeniable. I love to recommend Orange, Hibi Chouchou and Oboreru Knife (one of my fave) for slice of life! But unlike shoujo, this one tackles heavy issues. That’s it for now since you have other ongoing mangas in your shelf. 🙂

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