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Winter Wonderland Book Tag


I love seasonal tags — and pretty much any seasonal thing — Probably because I’ve never experienced any seasonal changes whatsoever — I’m from a Tropical country so we either have sun or rain and that’s it — We do have beautiful landscapes, beaches, jungle, and even snowy mountains.. so I’m not really complaining (not of that anyway) … I’m rambling again.. So, since it’s winter somewhere in the world and Christmas is a wintery season why not do a Winter Tag?? I found this @The Perks of Being a Book Freak Sorry, I don’t know who the original creator is… but the credit is yours whoever you are..


One: What book is so happy and so sweet that it just warms your heart?

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I’m not sure on the happy part of this premise due to the angst that is always present in romance books but the sweetest books that have warmed my heart this year are.. (oddly enough by the same author) Julie Buxbaum .. Tell me Three Things and What to say next — Ooh I remember the other one Shuffle Repeat by Jen Klein, this was so sweet and funny and it has music in it… heartwarming all the way.

Two: What’s your favorite book with a white cover?


Butterfly by Cambria Hebert … The design is so simple and clean… And the book is really good..

Three: You’re sitting in a nice, comfortable chair with a cup of hot chocolate. What monster book are you reading?

Whatever Fantasy book I could get at that time… the end of the year calls for fantasy and I do have an enormous TBR to chose from…

Four: Its snowing outside and you decide you want to have a snowball fight. What fictional character do you want to have this snowball fight with?

Wow! I would have to think really hard about this one because if I choose Rhysand or any of the inner circle I would be in a huge disadvantage… and the other characters that come to mind aren’t exactly the snowballing type….

I know, Archer from Archer’s Voice, I think I would be safe there..

Five: Sadly, your campfire is dying. What last few chapters of a book would you throw in the fire to revive it and keep yourself warm?


Collide by Hail McHugh.. I might even throw the whole book there..

Six: What book do you love so much that you would buy another copy of it to give to someone as a Christmas gift (or any gift really) to inspire them to start reading?

Lord of The Rings, There are gorgeous new editions of all the books and it’s a wonderful story…

This was my take on the Winter Wonderland Book Tag, hope you had fun reading it and if you want to do this feel free to do so and let me know…

As Always

Happy Reading

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