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2017 A year in Books

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When the end of the year is upon us we tend to look back and reflect on the things we did, things that happened to us, what we learned from them and all those little beauties that make up our everyday life and that if took too seriously can send you into an epic fit of despair — Or just make you jump up and down with joy — it would depend on how the past year treated you, after all —

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Since this is my safe zone and Happy Place — Real Life is only allowed here in the smallest of dosis — But I did want to reflect a bit on how 2017 was to me bookwise… That’s what we are here for after to talk and enjoy bookish things, and let me tell you guys that overall my year in books was a pretty good one…I did have my stumbles on the way but it all turned out better than I hoped…Let me break it down to you—

Reading Wise — As of the moment I’m writing this post which is the end of November –I know it’s not exactly the “end of the year” but since I will be on hiatus in December I wanted to leave this done before that (schedule posting is my friend)–  Okay back to the topic, I read a total of 137 books (this may grow a bit on December maybe from 5 to 7 books more — and I’m not counting here Manga nor Graphic novels yet) So, you see it was a good reading year…

As for the quality of the books I read well, this is more or less what a rating chart would look like of my read and rated books.


I had few 5 stars but this are usually hard for me, I’m a bit nitpicky when giving the highest rating to a book , but I did have a lot of 4 stars and those poor 3 stars books aren’t bad at all they are just to pass the time and they did their work… I didn’t DNF too many books this years which to me is a huge success and even though I did came across a few disappointing reads it wasn’t overwhelming… Another good thing was that for the most part I managed to keep up with my monthly TBR (even with a few hit and misses along the way) but it helped me read books that I had on my waiting list for a while…

I won’t make a list of ALL the books I read because that would be nuts, but I did made up a few categories — a kind of funny awards — to share with you the best of what I read.


  • Best romance — I have two winners for this on The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott and Ghosted by J. M. Darhower .. both are incredible romances in their own styles
  • Sweetest storyWhat to say Next by Julie Buxbaum, this book surprised me with how good it actually is..and the friendship is so adorable.
  • Scorching Hot ChemistryHotshot by Kristen Callihan, It’s the most memorable one to me at least.
  • Best set of Characters — As if there’s any doubt A Court Of Wings And Ruin by Sarah J. Maas..
  • Best Setting – I have two here also, Warcross by Marie Lu (the virtual reality setting was amazing for me) and Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh( I love the medieval Japanese setting )
  • Best Plot — This was hard because I was looking for a good idea and a decent execution which it’s not always done or it’s just merely MEH!! But the one book that won this for me was Defy The Stars by Claudia Gray.
  • Funniest Read Brooding YA Hero by Carrie Ann Dirisio…no questions this book is hilarious.
  • Best Tearjercker — For me the book that actually brought tears to my eyes this past year was Coast by Jay Mclean.. I have read some emotional books but this one took it to a whole other level..
  • Best Cliffhanger or NO YOU DIDN’THideaway by Penelope Douglas, it’s not quite a cliffy but that extra scene on Damon’s point of view… Oh My God Penelope Douglas Why do You do this to Me???

This is a token of the best I’ve read on 2017 (not all by any means, I could literally be here all day talking to you about what I thought of each and every book on my read list — a bit of an exaggeration but you get what I mean.. hopefully), as for the little stumbles I had, most of those were related to my bookish challenges… I sucked at keeping track of them ( and they were only 4 — I shudder to think about if there had been more ) the only one that was a success was the 2017 Discussion Challenge that I participated with the blog … My Goodreads Challenge was a total fail — I wasn’t thinking clearly when I set my goal at 250 books this year — I’m 89 books behind more or less (I don’t know what went through my mind when I did this … I’m nuts) But I learned my lesson and next year I’l try to be more organised with the challenges I chose to participate into and I will be more realistic with my reading goals (I’ll try to at least).

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Last but not least, this past year I decided to start this little blog (in case you hadn’t figure it out😝😝) And it has been quite the experience — a good one — even with all its ups and downs and with all my learning on the fly… I have a lot of fun doing it and I hope you had too reading my little ramblings, and recommendations, reviews and all the crazy stuff that give life to Chelle’s Book Ramblings

That sums up my 2017 A year in Books, How was your year?? Book wise or life wise let me know your thoughts in the comments below..

As Always

Happy Reading

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