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Book Series – Friends or Foes?


I’m sure the answer most of you fellow bookworms out there would give me to this question is ” Well Chelle, book series are our best friends ever”, right? And you are right, to some extent… It’s a no brainer than when we let ourselves fall in to a fictional world, we don’t want to leave it… we want to learn more and more about our favorite characters, about the world, about the magic/technology/cooking recipes (whatever the case might be) and having a book series it’s the way we achieve that… Obviously that makes them our friends.

However, we are consciously (or maybe subconsciously) forgetting a few thing that might turn that friendship a bit sour…(We bookworms are famous for lying to ourselves after all) And those little things (one in particular that I’m experiencing at the moment) are exactly what brought this discussion to my mind.

So, let me be the one to burst our happy friends bubble (someone has to do the dirty work and I appointed myself to do so in the spirit of our favorite fictional heroes..) and point out what might make a book series turn from our best friend to our most hated foe… (shakes head .. I noticed lately that I’m getting quite dramatic…)

  • The Waiting Hell


This is the one that is currently affecting my poor little heart. We cannot escape the Waiting hell .. And yes; I do know that Authors are human beings and not machines, and they need time to create the awesomeness that we love… but still, we are stuck waiting, and waiting, and waiting for the next instalment of our “friendly” series… This might make us turn a bit sour towards our friend (or its creator) specially if release dates start being pushed back, or if its one of those sadistic authors that loves to leave us with blow your mind cliffhangers…You see how this is a point for the Foes column.

  • Uncertainty Limbo

tumblr_meji76Chne1rmayn0o1_1280This one is one of the worst, it has a lot to do with the waiting hell, it is in fact a kind of waiting hell on steroids… What am I talking about?? well, those cases when you get so hooked on a book to then find out that it’s the first on a series; nothing wrong there but then you have no idea when the next book will come out (or if it will come out at all) either because the author is working on something else (a more popular something else) or it’s a self published work and self publishing takes a lot of work… Another one for the Foes team.

  • Never Ending Stories/ Revivals — Money, Money, Money

This has to do with the amount of books in an actual series… they start being a trilogy (I’ll go with this because even though Duologies are becoming popular, the Trilogies are apparently the perfect number.. Or not) And suddenly they are not a trilogy at all… books keep popping up, prequels, novellas, and the main story goes from 3 to who knows how many books…

tenorWhy is this a bad thing? well, having so many books to read added to the waiting time between releases… let’s just say that we would have to be compulsive re-readers to enjoy a series the way we should (I actually do this from time to time but with very limited cases) and which of us truly has the time to re read every single series… it’s insane.. I’m not a machine and my memory sucks…

If you are one of those few that has the perfect memory and doesn’t need to re read anything because it’s all clear in your mind.. the plot, the characters… good for you, I’m so envious, but for me, this ever growing number of books is another Foe point… I need closure to binge read…

  • Affected Quality

5409723Lastly, this has bit to do with the never ending series bit… It’s common that the more you prolong a story, it starts to deteriorate… you may get lucky and change it a bit, giving it new life.. but the truth is having too many books makes the actual story suffer in my opinion… You can easily tell when something is just there to fill in for the next book… or when you have books that are so similar to each other just to add numbers to the series… the quality of the work begins to fail… This is to me the saddest Foe Point.

After confronting the cold hard truth that we chose to ignore while we are caught up in the bookish freenzy, my answer to the question if Book series are friends or foes?? I guess they are more like Frenemies to me… I love a lot of them and that makes them beloved friends but quite a few are so very problematic with all I discussed before so that makes them enemies of a sort… therefor the best term is that of FRENEMIES.

How about you? Are books series your friends or not?? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

As Always

Happy Reading

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11 thoughts on “Book Series – Friends or Foes?

  1. The waiting usually doesn’t bother me. I’m always so behind that by the time I’m done reading book 1, book 3 is already out!

    The never-ending series is a bit frustrating, though. Especially when they get to a point that you can tell they’re filling books out for the sake of more books.

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  2. OMG so true! I have been known to wait until a series is complete before I start reading it because it is such torture for me to wait. I’m the same way about TV shows. It drives my bookish friends crazy when they want me to read a series and I refuse until it’s finished!

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  3. Excellent post! I’m a big fan of series but only the ones with different characters in each book, pretty much for all the reasons you mentioned. In general I dislike a series that follows the same character/couple (there are exceptions of course) because I just get worn out with the constant uncertainty.

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  4. Ah, so right you are. And this is why I so seldom will pick up a series. Especially that last point. If a series is out, finished, and great all the way through, THEN I’ll pick it up. This means that I’m literally years behind all my reading friends, but it also protects me from seeing series run themselves to death, which is a long, slow, ugly, and painful process to see your beloved books go through.

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  5. For now- friends with them. But they do have the tendency to stab you in the back like what hatter said – some have lost their ‘muchness’ and the waiting game is truly feels like it’s never ending. Despite its flaws, I still consider them one of my good friends..

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