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Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen – Manga Review


170640Title: Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen – Peace at any Price

Authors: Ogura, Akane (Story & Art)

Volumes: 4

Chapters: 19

Published: Aug 10, 2007 to Oct 9, 2010

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo

The Story

The long-lasting war between the Northern and the Southern Kingdoms is unbearable. So the northern Prince Johane and the southern Princess Euda decide to tell everyone they are in love, because their marriage can stop the war. But the truth is they don’t get along at all!

My Review


Please bear with me, this is the first time that I review a Manga, I’m not going to talk much about the art work or anything because I don’t feel qualified to say something other than whether I like it or not.. this is more about what I liked or didn’t like of the story and the characters… Very similar to my ramblings about books I guess (I’m keeping the same rating system of 1 to 5 stars), let’s get to it.

I was looking for something light and fluffy to make me laugh and this was it. It’s not a very original story and it has a common trope (I hate you but then I end up falling for you) but the way it is told it’s fluid and adorable.. with bits of drama and a little action to keep you interested, and it reads super fast. The characters are very good, I found their interactions hilarious (I particularly enjoy the Chibi Drawings of them running away from each other — it was so funny to me because the Princess Euda is such a little thing)

I did find a bit tedious that every chapter began almost the same… I can’t stand you but I like you.. but I decided to overlook this and enjoy the overall story.. It did what I wanted which was to give me a couple of hours of mindless fun.

I’m adding this review to my 2018 A TO Z challenge hosted by Ginger Mom and The Kindle Quest… Letter Z is done!!! Lots yet to be done but I’ll get there .. Hopefully!!

As Always

Happy Reading

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