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The Drawbacks of Being an International Book Blogger


Hey guys! I’m doing something a bit different today… I’ll try to be serious for as long as it takes to write this post (difficult , I know but i’ll do my best) Joking aside, I’m not the kind of person that enjoys complaining about every little thing (It’s not that I don’t complain it’s just that I don’t enjoy it… it’s so very tiring) That’s one of the reasons why I’ve hesitated about doing a post like this… No matter how I spin it in my head it ends up being like one long “my book blogging life is so hard and it sucks” kind of thing which is not really the case — Not about the sucking part, at least..but it is hard.

This new policy of Goodreads and Netgalley limiting their giveaways and their Arcs access when it comes to International book blogger just brought it to the forefront of my mind… I need to be honest and say that I have never requested an ARC from Netgalley and even though I have participated in a few of Goodreads Giveaways I have never won anything but just having that option was uplifting… Like there was always the chance right?

Hello! I’m Here.

I am from Venezuela, and if you guys didn’t know my country is a mess. We are suffering from a Hyperinflation that makes you feel like a character in the movie The Blob who is just waiting to be eaten… well not you exactly, but all the hard earned money you manage to make…

Of course with this scenario books aren’t anyone’s priority which makes them incredibly expensive– when you can actually find them… Just to give you an idea, one book over here can costs a two month’s worth of income, I mean, I would have to work for two months and not pay any bills, or eat anything to buy just one book. Even with this cold-hearted reality, we bookworms find ways to get our favorite reads (in my case is online shopping, gifts from friends and whatever comes in a brainstorming way — I like to think in terms of solutions and not only problems)

A relationship with publishers is out of the question here, they are just like us struggling to survive so giving away their merchandise is a mere wish, there isn’t any to give away and for International Publishers we are just a dot on a map full of them….  To make a summary of everything before this gets too depressing, with how our everyday life it’s like over here.. It takes a lot of work to sustain your love of books… which I’m sure it’s not only something I go through. — The world is a mess in general and we all have our struggles to overcome.giphy (1)

This is one of the reasons why I found solace in book blogging, it open up a range of possibilities not only in sharing and talking with other people who love to read as much as I do ( and the same things I do) but with the Authors, it is great being contacted to review books from new authors, and talking on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with those you already admire… Making friends with bookworms all over the world, hearing how they enjoy the jokes you make about our bookish life, their perspectives of things and how similar or different they are from yours.. it’s a breath of fresh air, an escape from the hardships of every day life.

I hesitantly started to make my way in to the world of ARCs, because there was a chance (I’ve never been terribly interested in them but the idea of reading ahead of time a couple of new releases was going around in my head) … but that chance it’s gone, and it is so sad…

It feels as though things are closing in instead of expanding, we have so much reach now days but it seem as if we were shrinking (in mentality, in economy, in opportunities) and as an International book blogger it was like being told you don’t matter as much as you think…

On the upside of things (there has to be a silver lining somewhere) this may be the opportunity for Authors to reach out more to bloggers– not only from the U.S.– but from everywhere (it’s their work they are selling after all). I sincerely hope they do… For me, I’ll just keep struggling along as long as I’m able because I found that I really like this community and blogging in general, even if it comes with many hardships it’s been worth it..

As Always

Happy Reading

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7 thoughts on “The Drawbacks of Being an International Book Blogger

  1. That’s awful! I can kind of understand why Goodreads might do that, but why NetGalley? Is it an issue with copyrights? It just seems odd…

    What about checking out Edelweiss +? They have an option at the top of the screen to select titles available to Global Trade (I think it defaults to US Trade, or at least it did for me).

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  2. I’ve only just started hearing about the difficulties readers from other countries go through to get their hands on books that are, in comparison, so easy for me to obtain. I feel bad for never even considering it, and I love posts like these that help me see outside of my little box for awhile.

    I cannot believe how expensive it is for you to get books! Is it that expensive even if you buy them online? Sorry if I’m asking dumb questions, I’m so blinded by the opportunities that I’ve been taking for granted.

    All that being said, I’d love to send you a copy of my book. I’m just an indy (self-published) author, and it’s my first book, but it was a passion project and I’m not counting on writing as a major source of income for myself by any stretch of the imagination as I have a full-time job I love, but you mentioned that you are hoping authors consider reaching out to readers outside the US, so I figured I do just that. I totally understand the struggles full-time authors must have when it is their only source of income, but it isn’t mine, so I’m happy to send you my book if you think it’s something you’d enjoy. No need for anything in exchange/ no expectations… just a gift. 🙂

    Here’s the link:

    If you’re interested, shoot me an email with your address:

    Much love ❤

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    1. Thank you so much, I always appreciate self publish authors that reach out to us little bloggers and I try my best at book bargains when I can… Thankfully I have good friends that live in the US and feed my addiction when they can…

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