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How to lighten up your Book Reviews


Book reviews, they are at the core of every book blog. It’s what made most of us start our blogs (we wanted to share our feelings, thoughts, and impressions on the books we read) However, even if they are a sort of spine for the book blogger, it’s more often than not the least viewed post that we have.. it hardly brings comments, and it doesn’t have many likes.. so, in terms of the stats it’s an unsuccessful post.

I enjoy writing reviews and I’m aware that a review from a recent release (particularly a hyped up one) might bring more attention than a past releases or a review for a somewhat not widely popular book. But I don’t want to chain myself to the hype train, I read what I like and if it’s a popular book ..great!.. but if it’s not, well, I’ll still let you know my thoughts about it… And we can’t set aside the self published and Indie titles out there, how else are we going to share some of the awesomeness of those little gems that we may find?

This line of reasoning made me think.. what can I do to make my reviews more engaging, more captivating… I came up with a few ideas (some might be original , some might not) that I will be incorporating to my reviews and I wanted to share them with all of you to get a bit of feedback and maybe to help those, that like me want to give a new life to the book reviews.



As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words.. and in some cases the feelings you have for a book or a character has the perfect representation in a Gif out there and if there isn’t you can easily make one of your own..They are fun (time consuming.. specially searching for the right one) but fun nonetheless.

However, what concerns me about them it’s how easilly we can over saturate a post with them, so I’m asking you guys.. HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH?? For me, it’s two.. more than that and I start to feel annoyed.

Book Stats


I thought it would be fun to make (if there’s time) charts and graphics on a particular book.. break it down, the plot, the characters, anything you can think of. Maybe even comparing book series… The possibilities are endless..

Group reviews

Having a guest blogger discuss with you a current read it’s always fun.. you get two or more different perspectives on the same story.. Even better if one enjoyed it and the other didn’t it’s the set up to a heated banter.. don’t you think?

Interactive Discussion


Finding a topic from the book we are reviewing and start a discussion.. it can be anything from relationships in the work place to abuse of power to political scheming in the Victorian era.. Any topic works and we can use social media or just our blog..

These are some of my brainstorming ideas.. What do you guys think?? Which will make you click open a review?? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

As Always

Happy Reading



19 thoughts on “How to lighten up your Book Reviews

  1. I like a well-placed gif or two but I still want to read a review. I actually like all your other ideas and I’d say go for it. Discussions are always cool and if I’m already interested in a certain novel I’d surely click on the group review to see what everyone thought! Go for it I’d say and just try it out!!

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  2. Those are some great ideas! I agree that any more than 2 or 3 gifs and it can get overwhelming. I know when I’m writing my reviews I’m always trying to express what I loved (or didn’t love) about the book without giving away any spoilers. That can be so hard!! But I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone, either! I tend to focus on what I thought of the MC (or hero/heroine, in the case of romances!) as characters (did they have depth, were they well rounded, did they have any personal growth, did they annoy the ever-loving crap out of me…), as well as the author’s writing style, world-building… I also like to note if a book is part of a series whether it can be read as a stand alone or not!!! That kills me, because so many romances are a “series,” but many times each book can stand on its own, with variable amounts of spoilers for earlier books in the “series.” That’s almost ALWAYS the question I post to a book on Goodreads as well – can this be read as a stand alone?

    I love the idea of group reviews, and have a friend who I bet would love to do some co-reviews with me. She currently has a monthly guest post slot on my blog, but I might have to see if she wants to do a buddy read each month and co-review with me as well!

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  3. I tend to use gifs in other posts, not really reviews. I can’t really find a way to fit them in, I guess? I used to use a gif to sum up my feelings for a book, but I’m probably going to nix it. 😝 I tend to just write mini reviews for all the books I read now instead of writing a full review for every one of them, which I think is much better! 😄

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  4. I think for me, it depends on my mood. Sometimes I love an in-depth analysis of what worked and didn’t, other times I like a rant or some fan-girling.
    Something I always appreciate, however, is when the book review has some kind of other tie in–whether it’s to the real world, or to writing, or whatever. Just some kind of “Here this book, and here is how it connects in a meaningful way to something else you might care about.” Some kind of message to the review, I suppose.
    Anyways, those are my two bits!

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  5. Strangely, as a rule, I have found that I get just as many likes for my book reviews as I do my other posts. I do like to include pictures in my posts, but rarely incude animated gifs. Once in a while, but only one per post. I think having a guest blogger/reviewer is a fine idea, though I’ve never done this.

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