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How to Date a Bookworm


February is the month of love (whether we love it or hate it ) Valentine’s day is a huge thing.. I wanted to acknowledge this date in my very own bookish way… No, I’m not going to recommend romance books (that may come at a later post) What I want is to lend a hand to those little love birds out there that find themselves in the daunting and incredibly amazing task of dating a book lover. If your significant other is an avid reader I’m sure you are by now more than aware of the wonders that this brings to your life..

  • We bookworms are patient (How else would we manage to wait years for the next instalment in our favorite series?)
  • We are very loyal and committed ( Our book collections the greatest example of this)
  • We are great conversationalist ( We can dissect a book plot, character development, world building of every book we have read in 5 seconds flat — slight exaggeration in the time but you get the point)
  • We are awesome at time and money management ( Most of the time — Don’t laugh!! — We do what we have to do — and at least we manage to pay our bills)..
  • And the most important of our qualities is our big hearts (Otherwise we couldn’t have the enormous lists of book boyfriends/ book girlfriends, favorite bookish friendships, families, etc..)


However, all this greatness comes with its own downsides (Life needs balance) We can be moody, dramatic, and we can easily get lost inside our books forgetting everything around us ( Don’t deny it — I’m talking to you fellow bookworm — we must embrace our awesomeness but also our tiny little flaws) These little flaws can make dating us a challenge (greatness takes effort), so here are a few tips from the perspective of a female Bookworm to make the experience less daunting.

  • Be Patient

As I said before we can lose ourselves quite easily inside our bookish world, so don’t get mad if we forget to call, or even miss a date or two… we were probably in the middle of an epic battle or crying our eyes out right along with our favorite characters… And who can focus on the real world at a time like that??  Seriously!! Do not under any circumstance make us chose between you and our books because that won’t end well at all for you..


  • Be Comforting/Supportive

When you see us crying our eyes out, screaming or laughing like lunatics at the book we are currently reading… don’t make fun… just hold us or asks us if it’s a good read. — If you do decide to ask be prepared for the most incredible rant ever, use all the patience I mentioned before and bear with us. Talk with us about what you think of the book, or our comments about it.. I’m sure that if you show that much interest in our beloved books it will earn you a spot with our bookish boyfriends.


  • Give us our space

If we are reading, don’t hover… just let us be… And when shopping at the bookstore (because you were a brave one and decided to venture there with us) Don’t rush us, let us appreciate the books without a care for time… This will make you a hero.


I know that this are all basic concepts that can easily be applied to almost any type of relationship but it’s the way you chose to focus on them, that might make the difference in you blooming bookish relationship.. Hope my little advice works wonders with you and your book obsessed significant other… Let me know what you think on the subject, and any other advice you may have in the comments below..

As Always

Happy Reading




22 thoughts on “How to Date a Bookworm

  1. And if you try to talk to me while I’m reading my book, please be understanding when I ask you to hold on until I finish my page or scene or chapter. My husband annoys the heck out of me because he has a talent for ALWAYS popping up and wanting to talk about something RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of some high-suspense, high-emotion part of my book. AHHHHHH! LOL

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  2. These are all really good! You listed all the most important ones. I’d just add a few tips: if you’re courting a bookworm, you should always find out their bookish wishlist. The fastest way to favor is buying us books. It would ALSO be a good plan to read any books that come up in conversation more than three times in a given week… because we’ll get along even better if you discuss my favorite books with me.

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  3. I love this so much. Particularly the “Give us our space”. Full disclosure, I had to end a relationship because of this (although there were many reasons), and the final straw was then I was trying to devour the last Lunar Chronicles book the day it came out and the would shut up and let me read. When I finally got him to shut up he kept trying to hold my hand. HELLO, I NEED THOSE TO HOLD THE BOOK AND TURN PAGES. it was a nightmare guys.

    Anyway, this is the best post ever and if I ever have another boyfriend candidate who doesn’t live in the pages of a book (book boyfriends are real) I’m going to send him to this post.


  4. Hilarious. I spend my evenings interacting with my husband. Sometimes he needs to be “gently” reminded to let me get my reading time on weekends. It’s like “I love you, dear, BUT get away this is my reading time.”

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  5. This post is everything! I’m probably gonna use it as an introductory checklist for my future boyfriend. Like YES, being patient can solve a ton of problems between us XD As a bookworm, I sometimes get super lost in the story and not even hear when any of my family members call me or even shout my name. I need a nudge (or probably a forced push) to get me back into reality. Of course, people get annoyed but they can’t really blame me, can they? Such a fun post, Michelle, I love it! 😀

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    1. Thanks, I’m like that too and it’s funny that when I’m not reading everyone in my family has nothing to say to me but as soon as I pick up a book all of them either need something or have to say something to me… It’s the life of a bookworm

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