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What’s the Spark for a Good Romance Book?


I was brainstorming a few ideas for a fun discussion post when I noticed that this particular discussion was going to be published on Valentine’s day (My discussions are usually done on Wednesdays, if you hadn’t noticed and this Wednesday is February the 14th) — I’m awful at keeping track of dates, I’m always a day short.. don’t know why… Anyway… Back to the topic at hand, since it’s Valentine’s Day I decided to talk about romance (It’s my go to genre after all, so, it’s not a hardship to write about it)

And that’s actually what brings me to the topic I want to discuss… What are those things that when put together in a romance book can make it unforgettable?, or  what is it that just makes you (me, in this case) grab for it without a care in the world because you know it will be perfect.

We all have our favorite quirks, tropes, writing styles.. heck we even have our favorite buzzwords regardless of the genre we enjoy reading.. and when we managed to find a book that has some, or the holy grail of books, all of them combined… let’s just say that we go through a religious experience when that happens..

So I’ve been soul searching a bit in order to find what those things are for me when it comes to romance…These are the results I found..

My Romance “Buzzwords”

  • These are words commonly used in advertising to get us to buy this or that product… and when it comes to Romance books I notice that I tend to gravitate towards book that have the word “Forbidden” in their blurb.. It’s not the only thing but it’s the one that kept repeating itself… Guess I’m sucker for complicated relationships, huh?

Clever and Funny Banter


  • There’s nothing sexier than a smart conversation.. and when we have that twists and turns, those sassy and snarky remarks.. done at exactly the right time between our characters it’s just the best kind of foreplay.

The Brooding and Cocky Guy

giphy (1)

  • I know it’s a bit of a cliche, and that it’s been done a thousand times but what can I say?? I just love it when it’s done right?… and if it’s a “bad boy/ anti hero” kind of character… Ohh You got me there!!!

Slow Burning Romance


  • I truly enjoy reading about the growth of a relationship… when we get to experience the different stages of it… Whether it’s going from not standing each other to liking each other or just realising that you have fallen in love with your best friend… It doesn’t matter the circumstance… it’s the journey from point A to B that makes the butterflies in my stomach all fluttery…

Hate to Love/ Forbidden/ Total Opposites


  • I’m a sucker for punishment apparently, and therefor I eat up this kind of romances… They are always filled with angst, and that  just keeps me in hooked.. when it comes to hate to love stories I adore the push and pull that we find in them.. that “I hate you but I want you” kind of intensity.. it makes the story come alive for me.
  • What I like about the opposites attract kind of story it’s a seeing how they manage to find the middle ground, that perfect balance for a relationship to develop… I like the struggles and not the love conquers all cliche.
  • As for the Forbidden,  who doesn’t enjoy the temptation of doing something that you know it’s bad for you, that it might even hurt you but you just can’t help yourself — it’s like when they say don’t look down and that’s the first thing you do… at least in books there’s no real harm, right?

These are just a few of the things that for me as a romance reader will have me “swooning” — kidding — but they will certainly make me pick up and read a book if I know that some of them are present in the story…  How about you?? What things you enjoy while reading a romance?? What things you hate?? Let me know in the comments below.

As Always

Happy Reading and Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone






18 thoughts on “What’s the Spark for a Good Romance Book?

  1. Witty banter is a must!! (Also, love the gif – Veronica Mars for the win!!) I also love a good enemies to lovers story, and another trope I love is mistaken identities, whether it’s a woman disguised as a man (my fave! Gah!) or a Cyrano de Bergerac tyPe of situation, or any sort of plot where one lead thinks the other is something/someone else. Bonus points if they also know the real self and think their mistaken identity is a different person. (Drama drama drama!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I adore Veronica mars… she’s the queen of witty sarcasm… and I really like the mistaken identities tropes but I haven’t found a lot of books like that, mostly historicals and a few fantasy… there should be more…


  2. Happy Valentines Day, Michelle! I love me some witty banter and brooding men as well. Also, slow burning romances are great, especially when you can really feel the tension.
    One of my romance “buzzwords” are friends to lovers, which I guess is the opposite of the hate to love trope you listed haha.
    Great post! Do you have any book recommendations that fit the descriptions in this list?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When it comes to Slow Burn.. any book by Mariana Zapata will fit right there she’s the queen of slow burn, my favorite being The Wall of Winnipeg and Me.. as for hate to love I love me some Penelope Douglas, she write awesome clashing chemistry.. Punk 57 i adore…. As for great banter and the right amount of angst I would suggest Emma Scott (also Slow Burn) My favorite so far from her it’s the Butterfly Project.

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  3. Witty banter, a bit of opposites attract, and I also like a dash of devotion. I also enjoy a series where you see the MC characters from one story as secondary in another and their relationship is still going strong. (This may not reflect real life, but offers useful escapism and I love the romance genre for the escapism it offers)

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