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Favorite and not so Favorite Bookish Kisses


I’m still in the spirit of romance, being that February is the month of love and friendship… so, this time I’m going to talk about Kisses (and not the Hershey kind, although I could because I love them — Now I want one.. back on track Michelle, sorry!! ) We bookworms have all kinds of favorite bookish things, our favorite worlds, our favorite couples, our OTP’s, our favorite tropes.. it’s only logical that we also have our favorite Kisses… right?

Kissing — The act of expressing desire and passion for another. Kisses can be strong and passionate, very heated, backed by strong desire. Or they can be soft and gentle, there is a longing for more.

This definition by The Urban Dictionary evokes a lot of what composes some of my favorite types of kisses in Books.. So much goes into building a great kissing scene, you have to have the right amount of emotion, a chemistry that can be felt from the pages, the connection with the reader, it certainly isn’t an easy task… miss one of this and it ends up being a page to be skipped, or just another forgettable part of the book.. However, there are always those types of kissing scenes we are partial to, and also there are those that no matter how much work the author put into them they just end up being a big MEH!! — nothing remarkable at all.

So, let me talk a bit about my favotite types of kisses or kissing scenes in books, those that make my heart beat a little faster when I read them or they just go into the unmentionable skipped portion of the book — I know I shouldn’t but I do skip them sometimes — I’m so bad…

  • The I can’t help myself I have to shut you up kind of kiss

As that short tittle implies this kiss is filled with tension, aggression, passion, frustration and even a little hate at times … so much emotion that it can’t be contained and what is the better way to manifest all that it’s bottled up inside… you guessed it with one scorching hot kiss.. My best example of this type of kiss can be found in Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas.. (intrigued?? go see for yourself and let me know later what you thought about it)

  • The It Finally Hit Me Kiss


This is usually found on the friends to lovers trope and it’s that kiss that when it happens, it’s like a revelation for one of the characters.. they get to see the light sort of speak and their feelings start to change.. An example of this type of kiss and funny enough it’s not a friends to lovers one can be found in Drive by Kate Stewart.

  • The Forbidden Kiss

Another one that it’s filled with angst and emotion because it’s something that you know you shouldn’t do but can’t help yourself to want to do it… One of my favorites in this category it’s found in Undeniable By Madeline Sheehan — a burn your heart out kind of kiss and such a complicated “love” story.

  • The Not Quite Kiss


It’s the type of kiss that literally leaves you hanging because it doesn’t happen.. there’s all that needs to be there for it but it doesn’t happen and you find yourself screaming at your book… come on people just KISS!! — it’s frustrating but so engaging (I’m a masochist that way) The best example of this was on a recent read of mine From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata.

This 4 are my all time favorite kind of kisses but there’s one that rides both sides of the this nutty kissing fence of mine … it can be great and it can also be predictable and boring…

  • The Epic Kiss


Don’t be fooled by this tittle.. I call it that way because it usually happens in the midst of a battle of some kind (it can be at the end or the beginning of it) it can be done to celebrate life or to wish good fortune… Most fantasy books have it.. and to be honest I don’t really have just one top favorite…

Okay, now we move on to the Not so Favorite ones… this left me feeling a bit disappointed, at times I do get to make fun of some, or I don’t get to feel anything at all…

  • The Scheduled Kiss

Have you guys ever read a book where everything seems to be in an order… all just goes exactly as you think it will go and that includes the kiss.. there’s no emotion, no surprise, nothing… just MEH!! —

  • The Inappropriate Timing Kiss


It’s a common find on Distopian books, or in any adventure, crime, and action packed kind of book and it’s that one that happens when you’re being shot at, chased by hungry werewolves/assassins/Zombies .. or are just about to be blown to pieces… I mean, come on, there’s a time and place for the hook up… pick a better time for it…

There you have them, my Favorite type of kisses and now I want to know about yours.. are you like me or you just don’t pay attention to them?? What are your favorites?? Let me know in the comments below..

As Always

Happy Reading



13 thoughts on “Favorite and not so Favorite Bookish Kisses

  1. The forbidden kiss is great! I also like those “finally!” kisses in slow-burn romances. It’s kind of the same with forbidden kisses where there’s already a lot of tension between the two characters. 💓


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