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The Infinity Division Series By Jus Accardo – Series Review


The Infinity Division Series By Jus Accardo

Young Adult Sci/Fi Romance

  • Infinity
  • Omega
  • Alpha (expected release July 3rd, 2018)

My Review


I believe that this is going to be the shortest Series review that I’ve made on my blog so far. And that should pretty much tell you that this was not such a great read for me… Maybe it’s because it was a bit too juvenile for me ( I just couldn’t connect with the story or the characters) I shouldn’t have expected too much since these books were cover buys… I mean those are gorgeous covers, am I right? but the stories didn’t live up to that beauty… At least they served the purpose of helping me fill The Letter I for my A to Z reading challenge (silver lining and all that)



28220742The premise of this book (of the whole series really) sounded so cool… Inter dimensional jumping? … parallel worlds? Great, right? but the actual execution didn’t work for me… I had trouble with the fact that there was no consequence whatsoever when you ran into yourself on a parallel world… multiple you’s at the same time?? I don’t think so… The villain was a cartoonish kind of villain and the fact that nobody could stop him… Come on, it was too dragged out…

Like I said I couldn’t connect with any of the characters.. I just didn’t like any of them, well, I only liked Noah (which was why I ended up reading the second book, since it features his story) As for the romance it was awful for me… what exactly did Kory saw in Cade? (they are our main couple by the way) they hardly interact with one another and yes, I get that he loved her in the other world but she’s not the same girl… and you should get to know her, as she is now.. not just want to jump her bones ( the whole meant to be thing was to hard for me to swallow — at least the way it was portrait here)

There were no surprises here, it was pretty predictable — what you thought it could happen it pretty much did happen… I was disappointed.


2.5 stars

33509081.jpgYou might wonder why the heck did you read this one after not liking the first one?? What are you, a masochist?? And to be honest I was trying to give it another shot since the only character that I enjoyed (Noah) was the main character on this book.. and it was slightly better for me than the first.. the villains were a little better developed and the world they were stuck in was a bit darker an creepier than in the first book but it wasn’t great… We are still carrying around some of the problems of predictability that we have on the first book.. and there’s so much going on that it turns confusing at times.

However I enjoyed this book more than the first .. problems and all. I still liked Noah, he was the same little jerk from book one and as for Ash I like her too .. she was strong and sassy and her survival story in her screwed up world was interesting… The relationship between them sucked.. It was like in the first book, this meant to be thing that has no real grounding (I might have swallowed it if it was better explained.. maybe) .. it was just weird.

Overall I was not a fan of the series.. I still think that it has a cool premise but the execution wasn’t great for me.. it needed more work and I certainly don’t care to know what happens on the third one.

As I mentioned before I’m taking the I (Infinity) as a letter read for my A to Z reading Challenge… 

As always

Happy Reading


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