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February Wrap Up – Books Read, Challenges and Readathon Update

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Hey there guys!! I can’t believe that February is a hairsbreadth from being over … where does the time go?? Anyway, it so funny  just like last year (well, not quite because my reading toll for Febraury 2017 was insane) it’s been a great reading month in terms of how many books I managed to read … as for the quality of the books .. well it’s been a bit hit or miss kind of deal.

Let’s talk numbers, I read 12 books and 1 Manga, and the count may go up to 13 books since I’m in the middle of Hit The Spot by J. Daniels and technically February isn’t over yet (at least not as I’m writing this… I still have a day and a half to finish it) 13.. Great number, right? this has been the most I’ve read in a while .. between work, life and numerous slumps my poor addiction was suffering… I also managed to stick with my TBR list and not deviate too much (yay me!!!)

I’m happy to be back on track and I think that it has a bit to do with the challenges I decided to participate in,.. The competition (with myself) motivates me, so, I’ll see what other challenges and read-a-thons I can get my hands on… That’s it for my intro let get to the actual books, I’ll break them down into the Challenge Books, Read-a-thon Books, and the free for all books..

The Free for All

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  • Hidden Seams by Alessandra Torre – 3 Stars – I really liked the premise of this book, the conflict of it, having to fake being something you’re not and the way you can get confortable with a situation until the simplest (not quite so simple in this case) shakes up your whole world. this is just a little snipet of what this is all about but it certainly makes for an entertaining read… It was still a bit too fast for me that’s why it only rated 3 stars on my scale.
  • Ryan’s Bed By Tijan – 3 Stars – I was conflicted with this book, It had all the makings of a truly emotional and powerful book .. it’s about suicide, loss, grief, coping, but I couldn’t connect with the characters particularly with the female character which narrates the story so, that was the worst that could happen.. it has potential but it didn’t quite work for me.
  • Strung by Victoria Ashley – 2 Stars – This book was going to be part of my challenge but it was awful and I just didn’t care to wast a letter on it… It was too juvenile and silly .. I did not like it, I’m remembering now and I think I like it even less…
  • Hit The Spot by J. Daniels – not rated yet – I’m still working  my way through this but so far so good and since I’m halfway in I’m counting it on this wrap up…


2018 A to Z Reading Challenge hosted by Ginger Mom and the Kindle Quest — If you haven’t joined in go there now and do it, they awesome ladies and the challenge it’s a lot of fun..I tackled 4 letters this month.. just like in January so I’m 8 letters down 18 to go .. Oh Dear God!!, I still have 18?? No, I’m not freaking out I can do this… I think..


by the way I’m an Iguana now .. (No, I’m not crazy — not more than usual anyway, this is the badge that goes along with the books I’ve read) See.. we have badges and everything.. 🙂 Here are the books:

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  • D – Drive by Kate Stewart – 4 Stars – This was my favorite read of the month and I do have a gushing review for it here...
  • F – From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata – 3.5 Stars – Another great read, even if I wished some things were a bit better developed and not quite so rushed .. want to know more?? Here’s my review.
  • I – Infinity and Omega by Jus Accardo – 2.5 and 3 Stars – This was another case of great idea poor execution… Here’s my review.
  • W – Watashi ni xx Shinasai – 3.5 Stars – This Manga was like chocolate for me… the first few volumes I just couldn’t pu it down… I know it has a lot of tropes but it was so addicting … then it got to a point when it started to go downhill .. I still enjoyed it but.. here’s my review.

faeI love the fae, they are, right along with Vampires and dragons, in my fantastical creatures list… (yes, I do have a list for almost anything … bookworm habit) So, I took these month long Readathon/Challenge to find out what type of Fae I am… Drum rolls… after scoring all the points it turns out I’m … A Dark Fae … I was aiming for Queen of the Fae but I forgot a couple of the challenges… I’m such a scatterbrain.

The Books I read for the Readathon were:


  • Fighting Destiny and Taunting Destiny by Amelia Hutchins – 3 stars – These are steamy Fae reads with a classic paranormal take over the world plot… super fun and super Hot…


  • The Falconer Trilogy by Elizabeth May – 3 stars, 3.5 stars, 3 stars – I was going to read only the first book but once I started with the series I needed to keep going… those cliffhangers were brutal… but I had a lot of fun reading this series it was a nice surprise. Check out my Review.

This was my February reading in a nutshell.. I also had some Valentine fun topics uploaded for my Discussion Challenge, that I hope you guys got to see… if you didn’t go check one out here. All in all, it was a good reading month, and now I’m so pump for March… let’s make it better, shall we?

How was your February?? Let me know in the comments below.

As Always

Happy Reading





8 thoughts on “February Wrap Up – Books Read, Challenges and Readathon Update

  1. 13 books for a short month is fabulous! It must feel good to keep checking off books from your TBR. I have so many books I want to read that I keep adding to my list and will never catch up. But, the good side is, I’ll never say, “I have nothing to read.”

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