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March TBR – More reading Challenges and Bingo

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We are in March already, time keeps flying by and I can’t hardly keep up with it… but I’m giving it my best shot — I’m recharged since I had a pretty good reading February so, my TBR it’s quite ambitious — not just in the books that I want to read that are coming out this month, but with 2 Reading Challenges and a Couple of ARCs I need to get to… we’ll see if I can’t keep up or if I just run screaming for the hills…


Let me start with my challenges, there’s The 2018 A to Z Challenge hosted by Ginger Mom and The Kindle Quest (go check it out and join us there’s still time) this has been quite helpful with my reading… and I’m enjoying finding what books to fit into each letter… so the lucky books chosen for March are…. Drum rolls..

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  • Letter T – Tsubaki Chou Lonely Planet – My manga read for the month, I came across this one while searching for another one actually, and I thought the premise was right up my allley — it’s an ongoing Manga so we’ll see how far I’ll get..
  • Letter S – The Smallest Part by Amy Harmon – I need my little dose of angst and great writing.. plus I’ve heard great things about this one…
  • Letter V – The Viking’s Chosen by Quinn Loftis – It’s been a while since I’ve read some historical fiction and why not retake it with a Vikings story … This might be due to my new found love of the TV Show Vikings… what do you think.. can this be related?? 🙂
  • Letter M – Midnight Blue by L. J. Shen – I have a bit of a love hate relationship with her books for some reason — Some I like but other I can’t stand … we’ll see where this one fits.

These are the books that I hope to read for the challenge, taking down 4 more letters… fingers crossed.


Since my reading life isn’t convoluted enough I decided to tackle the Munches in March 2018 Bingo Challenge hosted by Kathy @Books and Munches (go check it out but keep your snacks close because you might get hungry).. I know that I won’t be able to do the whole bingo board — I’m a realist .. don’t laugh … I know my limits .. sometimes … But I do want to try to fill a line or two…

I’m starting with Spaghetti – French Fries -Hot Chocolate – Ice Cream

The books for these prompts are:

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  • Spaghetti – In Harmony by Emma Scott – I could not pass up the opportunity to read the new release from my newest favorite author..
  • French Fries – Judgement Road by Christine Feehan – An MC book — I love my MC books no matter how gritty they are…
  • Hot Chocolate – The Hating Game by Sally Thorne –– Finally I’m jumping on this loving wagon…
  • Ice Cream – Full Tilt by Emma Scott – I know this book it’s going to tear me apart and put me back together..

If I decide to tackled some more rows I’ll let you guys know with some updates… but so far so good.

Finally my Free for all, there are some new releases that I have my eyes on… I can’t pass them up –you guys know how it is, so, I’ll try to read as much of them as I can… I also have two Arcs that I need to get to….

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  • Restore Me by Tahere Maffi
  • Cadaver & Queen by Alisa Kwitney
  • Constant and Consequence by Rachel Higginson
  • The Traitor’s Game by Jennifer A. Nielsen
  • Happily by Chauncey Rogers
  • Prodigy Prince By Natasha Sapienza

38363145  36277347

Quite an ambitious list, if I do say so myself — 15 books… I’m still going strong with the Discussion Challenge hosted by Feed your Fiction Addiction and It starts at Midnight and I want to participate on another Author Challenge hosted by the lovely Sophie @ Beware of the Reader these don’t involve reading but writing so there’s that (come join me they are a lot of fun)… I know my limits and I’l try to manage it all without freaking out.


Hope you guys come along with me on my reading/blogging/challenge journey this month and let me know in the comments what are your plans for March…

As Always

Happy Reading





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