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Why I’m a Reader Tag

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I was scrolling around trying to find some interesting Tags to do… I don’t get tagged enough but I don’t mind it.. and came across this one over at the Royal Reader It’s great to get to know the reader and not only the usual books (that sometimes tend to get a bit repetitive) so I jumped on it… Hope you guys like it..

The Questions

1. Choose one word to describe yourself as a reader.


Moody… That’s the best way to describe myself and not only as a reader… but let’s not get sidetracked here and scare everyone with talks of mood swings and things like that… I chose my monthly TBR by trying to fit into it the books that I think will fit everyone of my moods… sometimes I succeed, sometimes it’s just an epic failure but that’s how I roll..

2. What is the first book that made you fall in love with reading?

I’ve been reading since I was a little Kid and I can’t really pint point the first book that made love reading but I do remember how much I loved a collection of Fairytales I had that I read and re read, all the time.. it had fairy tales by Christian Andersen, the Brothers’ Grimm.. Maybe that’s why I enjoy retellings so much.

3. Hardback or Paperback?

E-Books (that’s what I read all the time)… If I had to chose one of the above it would be paperback, they are more comfortable for me… but I know that Hardbacks are prettier.. I’m so indecisive…

4. How has reading shaped your identity?


It’s my thing, a big part of who I am… I guess that to some degree my love of reading and learning has influenced my career choice… my line of work, and my way of seeing the world… my way of life, I’m the kind of person that enjoys more the quiet and peacefulness of a couple of hours curled with a good book than going out anywhere…

5. What book do you read when you want to be comforted?

I don’t read for comfort, when I do feel the need to be comforted I Draw or Paint .. I let my creative side take over it’s the best therapy, I listen to music (music is my comfort) if the blues is too deep I might write some… I read because it just makes me happy.

6. Who influenced you or taught you to be a reader?

My Mom and my late Grandmother.. we all share a love of books… my Mom can literally devoured a book a day no matter how big it is — she’s such a fast reader (I’m so envious of her for that) And my Granny used to love Romance Novels and we read them together (that’s where my love for romance books started)

7. Describe your dream reading lounge.

Country side cabin, great lighting, comfortable chair or bed with lots of pillows and a warm blanket (unless it’s hot as hell — but since it’s my dream) Low music playing in the background and a cup of hot Chocolate. — Quite specific right? but I would settle for something like this.


8. What book changed the way you saw the world?

I try to get something out of each book that I read — no matter how small it might be so, I guess all of them have played a part in how I look at things now…

This was Why I’m a Reader tag, now you know a bit more of Michelle the Reader.. and what makes her tick (sort of) If you are in the mood for a cool tag feel free to pick this one up and ping back your answers, I’m always curious to know about you guys..

As always

Happy Reading


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